Death of a Program:

It is with great sadness that I must announce the end of the Central County Regional Occupational Program Animation program that I created over the last 6 years. Here are my reasons:

I will be teaching 3 sections of "History of Animation" at Brooks College this summer and am talking to 2 other schools about a stop motion class for Fall 2001. To all of my past students I am here if you need me. Just an e-mail away. Return to Angi-Animation

     There are a lot of Computer Animation programs around but not many that teach traditional animation.

Rowland Animation
2000 S. Otterbein Ave.
Rowland Hights, CA 91748
Traditional Board Animation, Some Clay Animation,
a bit weak on storytelling and computer animation
but over all a good program

     Here is a computer animation class that is low or no price but still a good solid program.

North Orange County Regional Occupational Program
Fullerton High School
(714) 502-5993
SoftImage (Adults & High School)