2017 - 2018 Season

First Quarter Finalists

Your Face Global Jam
Ken Mora (Bill Plympton)
Open Competition (Standard)

by Whitney Walters

The Water Bottle's Adventure
by Alice Sinkner
K-12 (high school or younger)

an Idea
by Juan Paulín
Open Competition (Standard)


College Competition:

by Ronan A. Madden
K-12 (high school or younger)

Festival Juggler designed by
Lou Romano
Festival Schedule Jam Signup Sheet

AniMazSpot International Animation Feedback Festival:

The old studio apprentice system is long gone, University animation programs can only do so much to prepare animators for the world of animation. Peer review is very hard to come by for the animation filmmakers, particularly for self-taught animators. AniMazSpot is here to fill that gap.

AniMazSpot International Animation Feedback Festival is the brain child of festival co-founders Dr. Robert Bunes MD and Tee Bosustow, son of famed UPA founder Stephen Bosustow. From 2008 to 2014 AniMazSpot was a real powerhouse in the world animation community. There has been a short down time while we have retooled and now we are bring back this beloved festival with its core feedback aspect very much intact.

AniMazSpot has always been about feedback from professional animators geared specially for the independent animation filmmaker. Lots of festivals charge large entrance fees and judge films but most never give any feedback other than a acceptance or rejection notice. Far too many festivals don't even give a rejection notice. And the festivals that do give any kind of feedback cost a lot to enter and normally give filmmakers feedback from a single source who is often not a member of the professional animation community.

AniMazSpot is unique, everybody involved with running AniMazspot are members of the professional animation community. We have the contacts in the community to make sure that every judge is a respected member of the global animation community. A number of our judges have very impressive resumes.

Every filmmaker, I repeat EVERY FILMMAKER, who enters an animation will receive feedback on their film from multiple noted animators. Everybody who enters an animation in AniMazSpot International Animation Feedback Festival gets animators' feedback! That is the core mission of AniMazspot.

Above and beyond the feedback we are also an animation festival competition. The first 3 quarters of the festival year (September to December; January to April and May to August) are open competition. The 1st and 2nd place winners in each category in each quarter advance to the final quarter competition and additional feedback from our special judges. The finalists will also receive feedback from our panel of special guest judges.

The winners in each category and the best of festival grand prize winner will be announced and presented at the AniMazSpot International Animation Feedback Festival in November 2018.

Tee Bosustow and Bob Bunes are still very much a guiding force at AniMazSpot International Animation Feedback Festival. A few more people have joined the team to carry on their short animation festival dream.

Larry Loc
Festival Director

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