Categories and Fees
Narrative (Story Driven)
Narrative Animation is about telling a story in a visual form. Most films are stories that follow the basic three act format (sure there are 4 act and 5 act forms and so on but all stories have a beginning, middle and end) All Narratives introduce us to characters with problems that they try to overcome. They all try to tell stories. Our judges are professional visual storytellers.
Non-Narrative (Experimental)
A good Non-Narrative (Experimental) animation has something to say. It just says it outside the narrative frame work. Modern humans are so programmed in the visual narrative form that getting outside the 3 act (beginning, middle, end) narrative form is one of the hardest things to get right. Here is Begone Dull Care Norman McLaren and Evelyn Lambert 1949 - a classic example of Experimental Animation.
Music Video
In 1927 with the coming of sound a style of animation called "animating to the beat" came into being. Not many animators still know this technique. Animation Music Video continued this grand tradition. Here is a Rudy Ising slugged bar chart of "Shuffle Off To Buffalo" scanned from the Mark Kausler collection.
PSA / Social Issues
This is a catch all category for animated films that are not just story driven but are message driven with a point of view and an agenda for change. All film should have a message even Non-Narrative (Experimental) animation should be about something. But the animation that fits this category exist to get an important message across to the audience in hopes of creating important changes in the actions and thoughts of society.
College/Film School/Art School
This category encompasses most of the other categories. The student animation can be Narrative, Non-Narrative, Music Video or PSA / Social Issues. This category should also be selected if the animation, whatever its other category, was created by a animator while a student at a College/Film School/Art School. Because this category attracts some of the most talented judges Proof of school membership (copy of dated student I.D., class schedule, or letter on school letter-head from an instructor currently teaching at your school) will be necessary Note: this is a favorite category of our industry professionals and therefore attracts talented judges.
High School / Junior High / Grade School
This is were the animators of tomorrow are coming from. We here at AniMazSpot are a group of animation professionals dedicated to doing all we can to advance the field of animation. We therefore feel that this category should be free. That high school students and especially junior high school and grade school students just don't have the money. That should not block them from getting professional feedback from filmmakers in the field of animation. Because this is our only free category Proof of school membership (copy of dated student I.D., class schedule, or letter on school letter-head from an instructor currently teaching at your school or proof of age) will be necessary Note: this is another favorite category of our industry professionals.

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