AniMazSpot International Animation Feedback Festival
Rules, Eligibility & Terms

  1. An independent short animation is defined as a film created outside the studio system in a frame by frame process with a running time of 10 minutes or less (including titles). To be considered an animation at least 75% of the film must be created in a frame by frame process (animation). Occasionally we will accept a film with a little longer running time but 10 minutes or less is the rule. The filmmaker can work for a studio, but the animation has to have been financed and produced independently. Animations that already have a distribution deal in place will not be accepted in the festival but can be submitted for feedback only.

  2. Every submitted film will receive a compiled feedback assembled from each of the industry professionals judging the animation's category. Each filmmaker will receive an email of collected feedback soon after the close of the session in which their film is in competition.

  3. Each festival cycle consists of 3 pre-judging quarters of approximately 4 months that are run on the Internet. All first and second place winners of the first 3 quarters will have their film in the festival. A final quarter of competition made up of the all the first and second place winners from each of first 3 quarters will lead up to the festival where the prizes will be awarded for the best film in each category and an over all best of festival.

  4. AniMaz Spot Animation Feedback Festival will accept all animations without regards to the completion date. As long as the animation has never had a distribution deal or been submitted to AniMazspot Animation Feedback Festival before. We will even accept films that are posted open on the internet without password protection, but most festivals will not, so it is always a good idea to post your film with a password.

  5. AniMaz Spot Animation Feedback Festival accepts only films that are submitted through FilmFreeway.

  6. The filmmaker retains all rights to their film. By agreeing to these rules the filmmaker does grant to AniMaz Spot Animation Feedback Festival a non-exclusive limited license that allows us to share your film with our judges and display your film at our festival. We also reserve the right to use your likeness and up to 10% of your film for promotion of the festival. All materials are submitted electronically so there is nothing to return. We do reserve the right to make copies of your film to present during the festival and to keep a copy of your film for our archive. We will never post your film on the internet.

  7. The FilmFreeways press kit will be needed only when films advance to the final round of competition. But it is always a good idea to assemble the poster and press kit at the time you first upload your film.

  8. Securing releases and licenses for any copyrighted materials used in a film is the sole responsibility of the filmmaker. We assume no responsibility for a filmmakers failure to follow proper copyright law. We well critique all the films we receive but a film that has obviously violated copyright can not be advanced to the final round of competition. Here is a good Fair Use Copyright information source on the web: and here is a great source for free foley, sound effects and music:

  9. If your animation is in a language other than English you need to support sub titles, an SRT file or a time coded dialog list in English.
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