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Monday, March 17, 2008

More Exploring the Space Explorers

Follow up: Just talked to Fred Ladd and he has been talking to the son of the film distributor out of New York where he licensed the films for Space Explorers. Turns out that the license was from a Russian distributor not a Czech distributor. Looks like we may be on the trail. There is a later U. S. release of the Kosmos under the title The Universe with narration by William Shatner.

It is nice to have a friend at Internet Movie Data Base. Long time ASIFA volunteer Jon Reeves tackled the translation of the only Zeman title that was unknown to me (see below) and in the right time frame to be the film Fred Ladd used for Space Explorers. Jon then went on to track down a Russian Film of the right name and time. Fred away said that the Universe film he used in Space Explorers was Czech and by Zeman. That is what throw me because I could find nothing in Zeman`s work that I didn`t known that matched.

According to my pocket Czech dictionary, Pan is the equivalent of Mr. so the first half of the title is Mr. Prokouk. Armed with that knowledge, and the existence of 4 other Pan Prokouk titles in the database, I found this:

Which translates the title you cited as Mr. Prokouk, the Animal Lover - not real likely. (And my pocket dictionary, which didn`t have either pritel or zviratek, did have a similar word that translated as beast.)

Can`t say there`s anything else on that list that looks like a real good candidate, alas. Also looked at this list of Zeman`s work:

Nothing likely there, either. The only Czech film I found there with Universe in the English title is from 1963: - for what it`s worth, they have 453 titles from Czechoslovakia before 1958.

My dictionary translates Universe as vesmir - though of course, it may not be a direct translation.

There is a Vesmir in the Czech film database, with an appropriate year:

Though it appears to actually be Soviet. The director`s birthplace is given as Petrograd.

It`s the title we list as Kosmos:

Is it the right title? Who knows? But I`d say it`s got a chance.

Additional Details
Also Known As: The Universe (International: English title)

Parents Guide: Add content advisory for parents
Country: Soviet Union
Language: Russian
MOVIEmeter: 11% since last week why?
Company: Leningrad Popular Science Film Studio more

- Jon Reeves

So here you get to see the nuts and bolts of animation research. One person asked another in the animation community and that person asks 10 others and then posts the question. And if we are lucky someone like Jon gets involved and does all the hard work for us and then we look good.


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