Amadee Van Beuren

Amadee Van Beuren lived a fulfilling life in the entertainment industry. With a court scandal and a few hundred animation projects, he was rather successful. Van Beuren was born in New York on July 10, 1880, and was raised by his parents Alfred Vignot Van Beuren and Marietta Ferguson Van Beuren (Find). Prior to the movie industry, he worked in the livery business, bagged groceries, and was a salesman (Find). He attended public and private schools, followed by a business college (Lehrer).

His experience with business definitely set himself up for holding quite a few positions. Van Beuren was named President of Fables Pictures Incorporated, producer of Frank Buck’s first three films, head of Van Beuren advertising firm, which later became part of the General Outdoor Advertising Company, President of Colorado Springs Theatre Corporation and Kernab Corporation (Crafton) (Lehrer). By 1928, Van Beuren began to get more involved when he purchased his shares of Aesop’s Fables Studio from the Keith-Albee vaudeville team (Aesop). This immediately created conflict with founder of the studio, Paul Terry when Van Beuren sought out change with wanting to make the Aesop Film Fables shorts with sound (Aesop). The disagreement ultimately drove Terry to leaving the studio completely and forming his own studio called Terrytoons in 1929 (Buchman). In conclusion, sound was added to the animation shorts, the name of the shorts became Aesop’s Sound Fables, the company was renamed Van Beuren Studios, and the show continued to be produced until 1933 (Aesop). Since taking ownership of the studios, Van Beuren’s company created over two hundred animation shorts, as well as many feature films including “Frank Buck features ‘Bring ’Em Back Alive’, ‘Wild Cargo’, and ‘Fang and Claw,’” (Lehrer).

In 1935, a major lawsuit was made against Van Beuren by Joan Lowell. Lowell was the author of a book called *Cradle of the Deep*, which Van Beuren had based a film off of called “Adventure Girl” (Find). Not only was Lowell the author of the original story, but she was also asked to star in the movie (Find). Lowell demanded “an accounting of the profits” from the movie as she felt she had not received 15% of what she was told she would earn supposedly (Find). In response, Van Beuren claimed that her poor acting skills caused the damage of losing $300,000 on the motion picture, turning the tables on her making it all of her fault (Find).

Three years later in July of 1938, Van Beuren “suffered a stroke [and was] confined to his home” (Lehrer). Shortly four months later on November 12, 1938, Van Beuren passed away due to a heart attack at his country home in Carmel, New York (Lehrer).

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