Anthony Christov

*Birth:* Born in July of 1961 in Bulgaria.

*Occupation/Title:* Animation, production design, art department, art director, layout design.

*Bio Summary:* Born in Bulgaria, Christov became involved in the arts at a young age. He graduated from a decorated arts school in Sofia, Bulgaria when he was around 20 years of age. Shortly after this, Christov moved to the United States. He worked smaller retail-type jobs and perfected his English in Hollywood until opportunity presented itself. He was given an interview via a friend at a small production company. He got the job and became an assistant layout artist. From here, Christov began to work his way up into companies such as the Walt Disney Company (1990 – “The Prince and the Pauper”, “The Rescuers Down Under”), 20th Century Fox (1992 – “FernGully: The Last Rainforest”), Warner Bros. (1993 – “The Animaniacs”), and Universal Studios (1994 – “The Land Before Time II: The Valley of Great Adventure”). Christov currently works at Pixar Studios, where he has designed for hit films such as “Cars”, “Wall-E”, and “Finding Nemo”.

*Early Life/Family:* Born in Bulgaria in 1961. Moved to the United States at the age of 20. Worked a variety of small jobs until he had an interview for a small animation studio. He got the job and began working his way up from there.

*Education/Training:* Attended an arts school in Sofia, Bulgaria before immigrating to the United States.

*Career Outline:* Began working at small production company when he moved to the US. Continued to work his way up to studios such as the Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, Warner Bros., and 20th Century Fox.

*Comments On Style:* Christov insists he is not an animator. Explains that he adds superficial beauty to sets, which separates visual appeal versus a story. His style will change for each movie depending on what the director needs.

*Influences: *Claims his boss influenced him at his first small animation job. The job was at a production house. His boss had kind, generous, and funny qualities about him, which made him good to work with.

*Personality:* Witty, sharp, funny, kind, and sarcastic. Certainly has a sense of sharp “dad humor” we can all appreciate.

*Anecdotes:* Reminisces how when he started in animation, it was a career field that was considered seasonal. People would be hired and fired during the summers. Nowadays, everyone wants to be in animation because it is considered a fun job.


*Filmography: *
1990 – “The Prince and the Pauper” (breakdown and inbetween artist)
1990 – “The Rescuers Down Under” (layout assistant)
1992 – “Conan: The Adventurer” (layout designer – 13 episodes)
1992 – “Conan: The Adventurer” Episode: Blood Brother
1992 – “Conan: The Adventurer” Episode: Conan the Gladiator
1992 – “Conan: The Adventurer” Episode: Greywolf of Xanthus
1992 – “Conan: The Adventurer” Episode: Men of Stone
1992 – “Conan: The Adventurer” Episode: Serpent Riders of Set
1992 – “Conan: The Adventurer” Episode: Seven Against Stygia
1992 – “Conan: The Adventurer” Episode: Shadow Walkers
1992 – “Conan: The Adventurer” Episode: Star of Shadizar
1992 – “Conan: The Adventurer” Episode: The Claw of Heaven
1992 – “Conan: The Adventurer” Episode: The Heart of Rakkir
1992 – “Conan: The Adventurer” Episode: The Night of Fiery Tears
1992 – “Conan: The Adventurer” Episode: The Terrible Torrinon
1992 – “Conan: The Adventurer” Episode: Windfang’s Eyrie
1992 – “FernGully: The Last Rainforest” (layout artist)
1993 – “Animaniacs” (background key designer)
1994 – “Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure” (layout supervisor)
1994 – “Asterix Conquers America” (layout artist)
1994 – “Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure” (layout supervisor)
1994 – “The Pagemaster” (workbook artist)
1995 – “The Land Before Time III: The Time of Great Giving” (art director)
1996 – “The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists” (art director)
1998 – “Quest for Camelot” (visual development lighting designer)
1999 – “Bartok the Magnificent” (layout design supervisor)
2000 – “Titan A.E.” (layout supervisor)
2003 – “Finding Nemo” (art director: environments)
2004 – “The Incredibles” (production artist)
2006 – “Cars” (character and environment designer)
2008 – “WALL-E” (art director: set)
2008 – “BURN-E” (production artist)
2008 – “Tokyo Mater” (production designer)
2008 – “Mater’s Tall Tales” (production designer - 7 episodes)
2009 – “Mater’s Tall Tales” Episode: Unidentified Flying Mater
2010 – “Mater’s Tall Tales” Episode: Tokyo Mater
2010 – “Mater’s Tall Tales” Episode: Moon Mater
2010 – “Mater’s Tall Tales” Episode: Monster Truck Mater
2010 – “Mater’s Tall Tales” Episode: Mater Private Eye
2010 – “Mater’s Tall Tales” Episode: Heavy Metal Mater
2013 – “Tales From Radiator Springs” (production designer - 3 episodes)
2013 – “Tales From Radiator Springs” Episode: Spinning
2013 – “Tales From Radiator Springs” Episode: Hiccups
2013 – “Tales From Radiator Springs” Episode: Bugged

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