Anthony Scott

*Birth* :

*Bio Summary* :
Anthony Scott has been in the industry for over 25 years and has worked
on numerous motion pictures, television shows, and commercials. He started
off animating clay characters in the television series *The New Adventures
of Gumby* and soon afterwards became a supervising animator for Laika's
Entertainment and Focus Features during the motion picture *Coraline.*

*Early Life/Family* :
While growing up in Michigan, Anthony Scott was interested in animation at
a very early age. His parents encouraged him to draw even when they felt it
was lacking any type of skill.

*Education/Training* :
Anthony did not receive much formal training with only a year at Lansing
Community College. He took all the film classes they had to offer, then
moved to California in search of work.

*Career Outline* :
After a compilation of his school and personal projects, Anthony comprised
a Demo Reel that finally jump started his career as a stop motion animator.

*Comments on Style *:
The style that is mostly associated with Anthony pertains to movies that
are sci-fi and fantasy. He has a liking to bizarre and mystical
environments. Anything out of the ordinary that would seem impossible
to imagine fuels his inspiration of creativity. A world inhabited of
creatures and monsters far beyond any human's comprehension intrigues
Scott's fascination for animation.

*Influences* :
Inspired by Charles M. Schultz's comic strip, *Peanuts *featuring
Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Anthony tried to copy his style of drawing and
created his very own comic characters at the age of 7. Many films like *King
Kong* and Ray Harryhausen's *Cyclops* and his other creatures appealed to
the monster lover in him that amazingly blew his mind. His interest in
cartoon type characters sprouted by the puppet Christmas films of
Rankin/Bass in which included *Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.*

*Personality* :
Extremely down to earth individual who is a quick learner and will not hesitate
to teach you the tricks and the trade of animation. With a clear understanding
of movement for timing and spacing, he makes the animations he works on
believable and captivating. According to Dave Finkel, a creative producer,
who worked on *"The United States of Tara" *with Anthony Scott, states that
he is an over achiever with a deep passion for animation. He gets along with
everyone working on a project because he believes it is the key to success
when creating something fulfilling. He establishes a relationship with the
crew to successfully interact with others so they are comfortable voicing
their opinions. Anthony Scott is a team player and believes everyone is
entitled to they're own opinion. He is firm but will listen if he feels
it is best to get the job done correctly and efficiently.

*Anecdotes* :
Before Anthony got into stop motion professionally, there was
a time when he wanted to do special effects makeup because of a makeup
genius by the name of Rick Baker who crafted sculptures and created
monsters that were incredible and inventive. During his training as a
makeup artist at the Dick Smith makeup course, he happened to land his
first stop motion job on *Gumby.*

*Miscellaneous* :
Anthony absolutely loved designing characters in his early years, but
wanted to see them come to live thru animation. So, he visited his local
library and found 2 very useful books: Yvonne Anderson's "*Make Your Own
Animation Movies", *which showed kids making films; mostly cutouts
and stop motion. The other book was Ray Harryhausen's "*Film Fantasy
Scrapbook"*. Intrigued with the creatures and models depicted in the book,
he tried experimenting with stop motion animation with a Super 8 camera by
the age of 11. During this process he would animate chess pieces along with
cutout versions of his own cartoon characters.

*Filmography* :
Gumby Adventures (TV Series) (animator) - 1988
The Nightmare Before Christmas (animator) - 1993
Bump in the Night (TV Series) (animator - 1 episode) - 1994
Fun House Express (Short) (stop motion animation) - 1995
James and the Giant Peach (animator) - 1996
A Bug's Life (additional animator) - 1998
Toy Story 2 (animator) - 1999
Monkeybone (lead animator) - 2001
Evolution (cg animator) - 2001
Phantom Investigators (TV series) (animation director) - 2002
Corpse Bride (animation supervisor) - 2005
Gumby Dharma (Documentary) (stop motion animation) - 2006
Coraline (supervising animator) - 2009
A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas (stop motion animator) - 2011
ParaNorman (animator) - 2012

*Honors* :
2009 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Design for Showtime's series "United States of Tara".

2009 Annecy Winner for Best Feature For "Coraline"

2005 Academy Award Nominee for Best Animated Feature Film for "Corpse Bride"

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*Bibliographic References* :
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