Antony Elworthy


Animator/ Illustrator

Bio Summary

Early Life/Family

Wellington School of Design-Illustration Class of 1998

Career Outline:
Elworthy went to London to find his career. After some
struggles, he landed jobs for animating commercials and children’s shows,
which he did on and off for a few years.

He has done stop motion animation work in America, Europe, and
Australia. Some of his works include a commercial for Coca-Cola, which
features a man toting his own boxed music band of monsters that perform on
squirts of Coca-Cola, and a commercial for the European Union promoting its
currency, the Euro, in Madrid.

Outside the animation industry, Elworthy also illustrates for children’s
books, storyboards, advertisements, and private commissions.

Comments On Style:
His style is more like a chameleon, one which he can adapt to his various
projects. His personal short animation short is reminiscent of ‘Wallace
and Grommet’. His illustration style is also very adaptable, ranging from
old-fashion ‘Dick and Jane’ style to a paper-cut style to a Pixar


Elworthy likes to work on his art, whether it is stop motion animation or
illustrations. His enjoyment comes from having a good time working with
good company around.

Elworthy has noted that until a personal stop motion project
that he shot as a student at Wellington’s School of Design, he did not know
that stop motion animation could be a career path.

While he was an illustration student at Wellington’s School of
Design, Elworthy decided to play around in the school’s stop motion
animation room and create a clip. According to him, there were no classes
for that type of animation offered at the school, despite there being a
room for it. Animators Luke Nola and Cameron Chittock saw this animation of
Elworthy and offered him a job. It was because of this offed that Elworthy
realized he could a career in stop motion animation.

For the ‘Corpse Bride’, an audition was held for animators. Elworthy went
to the audition and was given the character, Victor, and a set to film on.
He ended up getting the job.

While working on a commercial for the European Union for introducing the
new currency, Euro, Elworthy was able to live in Madrid. He enjoyed the
project, calling it “good fun”, but felt that it was a bit inefficient.

For the project, ‘Animal Love’, Elworthy wrote the script and “did
everything aside from the voicework”.

He has been planning out works of music videos and illustrations for
educational children’s books.

Elworthy has three children, all three boys. The youngest of
them was born on New Year’s Eve.

He, His wife Jane, and his children live mainly in Redcliffs, a
suburb of Christchurch, New Zealand. There, Elworthy has a backyard studio,
where he works on other projects.


Animated Films
*Frankenweenie* (lead animator)
2009 *Coraline* (animator)
2008 *$9.99* (animator)
2005 *Corpse Bride*(animator)
2004 *Fireman Sam*(TV Series) (animator)
2003 *Little Robots*(TV Series) (animator - 1 episode)
- Scary Scary (2003) ... (animator)
Date Unknown Little People A straight-to-video Copenhagen film. Possibly another name for ‘Little Robots’?

Short Films/ Commercials
Date Unknown Animal Love Uploaded on Dec 2, 2009 Was a short clip for the Save the Children fund’s Christmas campaign It led for an Italian version for Valentine’s Day
Date Unknown Susu Commercial
Date Unknown Rolling Downs
Date Unknown Hoof It
Date Unknown Holly’s Helpline Animated Series Commercial
Date Unknown European Union Euro Commercial
Date Unknown Monster Jam Coca-Cola Commercial
Date Unknown Life on Ben –directed by Luke Nola and Cameron Chittock
Date Unknown The Pen


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