Bette Isis Thomson


Animator, Layout Artist, Character Key, Assistant Animator, Key Assistant Animator

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Bette Isis Thomson career rose when she started out being key clean-up artist for Disney’s The Cauldron and particularly popular well-known when she became assistant animator to Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Beforehand she worked on television shows BraveStarr and Mighty Mouse. After becoming Character Key for The Little Mermaid and The Rescuers Down Under. Her name at this point in the timeline changed to Bette Isis Baker. It is my theory that she may have put her animation career to a halt after marriage.

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1990 *The Rescuers Down Under * (character key - as Bette Isis Baker)

1990 *Happily Ever After * (layout artist - as Bette Thompson)

1989 *The Little Mermaid * (character key - as Bette Isis Baker)

1988 *Oliver & Company * (assistant animator - as Bette Thomson)

1988 *Who Framed Roger Rabbit * (assistant animator: additional animation)

1987-1988 *BraveStarr * (TV Series) (layout artist - 65 episodes)

- Strength of the Bear(1988) ... (layout artist - as Bette Isis-Thomson)

- Shake Hands with Long Arm John(1988) ... (layout artist - as Bette Isis-Thomson)

- No Drums, No Trumpets(1988) ... (layout artist - as Bette Isis-Thomson)

- The Blockade (1988) ... (layout artist - as Bette Isis-Thomson)

- Nomad Is an Island(1988) ... (layout artist - as Bette Isis-Thomson)

1987 *Mighty Mouse, the New Adventures * (TV Series) (layout artist - 6 episodes)

- Heroes and Zeroes/Stress for Success(1987) ... (layout artist - as Bette Thompson)

- The Ice Goose Cometh/Pirates with Dirty Faces(1987) ... (layout artist - as Bette Thompson)

- The Littlest Tramp/Puffy Goes Berserk(1987) ... (layout artist - as Bette Thompson)

- This Island Mouseville/Mighty's Musical Classics(1987) ... (layout artist - as Bette Thompson)

- Catastrophe Cat/Scrappy's Field Day(1987) ... (layout artist - as Bette Thompson)

1987 *Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night * (key assistant animator - as Isis Thompson) / (layout artist - as Isis Thompson)

1985 *The Black Cauldron * (key clean-up artist - as Isis Thomson)


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