Bill Turner / William Turner


Most often credited as Writer or under the category of Story in the opening titles.

Bio Summary
Worked in animation for Fleischer Studios a year before and continuously after the strike in 1937. Working on one of the two feature films (Mr. Bug Goes to Town/ Hoppity Goes to Town) witch the failure resulted in Paramount buying and creating Famous studios.

Early Life/Family


Career Outline
Turner worked in writing for animation from1934-1950 on various projects. Worked for Fleischer Studios writing and doing story, he continued to write when Fleischer studios turned into Famous Studios. Turner wrote many of the Popeye cartoons for both studios and also was a writer for Little Audrey, superman and many others. Turner is credited by writer of story during the openings of the cartoons he participated in. He unfortunately worked during the decline of Fleischer and the beginning of Famous studios when they carried over.

Comments On Style
He worked on series called Screen Songs, Working Bouncing ball singing numbers into the story of the animation, While watching the shorts he contributed to he seemed to portray women as innocent and often naive or objectified. However he jumped from project to project difficult to pinpoint a specific style.




Credited as both Bill Turner and William turner in different shorts, Worked often with Otto Messmer and Dave Fleischer.

Tarts and Flowers 1950,
Land of the Lost Jewels 1949,
Song of the Birds 1949,
Marriage Wows 1949,
The Ski's the Limit 1949,
The Stork Market 1949,
Popeye's Premiere 1949,
The Lost Dream 1949,
Comin' Round the Mountain 1948,
Symphony in Spinach 1948,
Spinach vs Hamburgers 1948,
Camptown Races 1948,
Butterscotch and Soda 1948,
Land of the Lost 1948,
There's Good Boos To-Night 1948,
The Bored Cuckoo 1948,
Winter Draws On 1948,
Little Brown Jug 1948,
Base Brawl 1947,
The Circus Comes to Clown 1947,
The Baby Sitter 1947,
Naughty But Mice 1947,
The Mild West 1947,
Cad and Caddy1947,
I'll Be Skiing Ya 1947,
Musica-Lulu 1946,
Spree for All 1946,
Rocket to Mars 1946,
Old MacDonald Had a Farm 1946,
Peep in the Deep 1946,
Loose in a Caboose 1946,
Bargain Counter Attack 1945,
The Friendly Ghost 1945,
Mess Production 1945,
Scrappily Married 1945,
When G.I. Johnny Comes Home 1944,
Lulu's Birthday Party 1944,
She-Sick Sailors 1944,
I'm Just Curious 1944,
Pitchin' Woo at the Zoo 1944,
Spinach Packin' Popeye 1944,
The Anvil Chorus Girl 1942,
Eleventh Hour 1942,
Volcano 1942,
Many Tanks 1942,
The Bulleteers 1942,
The Arctic Giant 1942,
Blunder Below 1942,
Kickin' the Conga Round 1941,
Nix on Hypnotricks 1941,
Mr. Bug Goes to Town 1941,
The Mighty Navy 1941,
Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy 1940,
Mommy Loves Puppy 1940,
My Pop, My Pop 1940,
Puttin on the Act 1940,
You Can't Shoe a Horsefly 1940,
Me Feelins Is Hurt 1940,
Way Back When a Nightclub Was a Stick 1940,
Way Back When a Triangle Had Its Points 1939,
The Fresh Vegetable Mystery 1936,
Hawaiian Birds 1936,
Let's Get Movin' 1936,
More Pep 1936,
Cobweb Hotel 1936


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