Animator: Bob Davies

*Birth/Death: * Currently Alive. Birthdate: Unknown

Animator, Supervising Animator, Character Animator.

*Bio Summary:*

*Early Life/Family:*

From what I could uncover with interview with Tony Fucile, he got his break
when they were compiling a team of creative animators of any age to
work on *The Iron Giant*. When they recognized his skill, they promoted him
(along with animator Dean Wellins) to supervising animator.

*Career Outline:*
Warner Bros Feature animation (1996- 1999)
[showed exceptional talent whilst working on *The Iron Giant* and was
promoted to supervising animator for the project.]
Walt Disney Animation Studios (1999-2010)
DreamWorks Animation (2010- 2014)

*Comments on Style:*
Seeing that he was the character animator for Kronk, Bolt, and Prince
Naveen, it is apparent that he seems to excel at the more “animated”
animated characters which I enjoy greatly. He exaggerates enough to get
emotion and some comedic timing but not too much that he completely looses
the essence of the character that he works on.




Sometimes he is credited as Rob Davies.

*Quest for Camelot*
*Iron Giant*
*The Emperor’s New Grove*
*Home on the Range*
*Chicken Little*
*Meet the Robinsons*
*Glago’s Guest*
*The Princess and the Frog*
*Prep & Landing*
*Kung Fu Panda 2*
*Rise of the Guardians*

Daytime Emmy Awards: Won: Outstanding Children’ Animated Program: Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain (2000)
Nominated: Outstanding Children’ Animated Program: Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain (1999)

Visual Effects Society Awards:
Nominated: Outstanding Animated Character in an Animated Feature Motion Picture: *Bolt* (2009)

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