Robert “Bobe” Cannon

Birth: July 16, 1909

Death: June 9, 1964

*Occupation/Title:* Animator, director, writer, producer, production manager**

*Bio Summary:*

Robert “Bobe” Cannon was born in Ohio. In 1934, he began his animation career in Warner Bros. Studios. He started out as an in-betweener and assistant for Chuck Jones and Bob Clampett before he was able to animate for a number of Looney Toons and Merrie Melodies cartoons. He later helped bring together the United Productions of America where he was able to work as a director while serving as vice president. Later on in his career, Cannon worked for both Walt Disney Studios and MGM Studios, animating for films such as *Melody Time* and several MGM cartoons. Cannon also taught at the San Fernando Valley State College. Robert Cannon died at the age of 54 in 1984 due to a heart attack.

*Early Life/Family*


*Career Outline:*
1934 – Warner Bros. Studios, in-betweener and assistant
1944 – animator for Franklin D. Roosevelt’s re-election campaign, *Hell-Bent for Election*
1946 – worked for Walt Disney Studios;
vice-president and director for the United Productions of America
1950 – director for the United Productions of America

*Comments On Style:*
Cannon is really keen on observing movement. His animation is mostly designed on movement. Zach Schwartz described his animation as “a type of acting that ‘was not a kind of exaggeration or a caricature of reality, but took its life from pure design elements’ ” (Amidi). He is also known for using design and color to bring emotions into his simple characters. This can be particularly seen through *Gerald McBoing-Boing*and its “flat, stylized settings and intentionally unrealistic movement” (Goldmark, Keil).

John Hubley


Fellow animator Alan Zaslove shared how “Bobe” Cannon was really keen on observing movement. While he was driving to work with him one day, Cannon was busy observing the movement of the warning signal of a train crossing. He was genuinely interested in how the arm would as it went down and as it rose back up again. “Bobe” Cannon really strived to understand movement.

He only wanted to be remembered for his work at UPA and thought that all of the other stuff he did before was pale by comparison. His widow told this to Mark Kausler when he won the Bobe Canon scholarship at Cal Arts.


1986 –
The Cosmic Eye, animator
1960 –
Children of the Sun, animator
1959 –
Moonbird, animator
1958 –
The Tender Game, animator;
Scoutmaster Magoo, director and producer
1957 –
The Adventures of an *, animator;
Magoo’s Moose Hunt, director and producer
1956 –
Millionaire Droopy, animator;
The Jaywalker, director;
Gerald McBoing! Boing! On Planet Moo, director and writer;
The Jaywalker, writer
1955 –
Christopher Crumpet’s Playmate, director and writer
1954 –
Little Toot, animator;
How Now Boing Boing, director and writer;
Fudget’s Budget, director and writer;
Ballet-Oop, director and writer;
Frosty the Snowman, director
1953 –
Gerald McBoing-Boing’s Symphony, director;
Christopher Crumpet, director and writer;
Little Boy with a Big Horn, director and writer
1952 –
Madeleine, director;
Willie the Kid, director;
The Oompahs, director and producer
1951 –
Wonder Gloves, director;
Georgie and the Dragon, director;
Gerald McBoing-Boing, director
1950 -
The Miner’s Daughter, director
1949 –
Little Rural Riding Hood, animator;
Wags to Riches, animator;
Doggone Tired, animator;
Señor Droopy, animator;
The Magic Fluke, animator
1948 -
Robin Hoodlum, animator;
Melody Time, character animator
1945 -
Hare Tonic, animator (uncredited)
Hare Conditioned, animator (uncredited)
It's Murder She Says..., animator (uncredited)
A Few Quick Facts: Fear, animator (uncredited)
dor-Able Kitty,animator;
Brotherhood of Man, animator director
1944 - Lost and Foundling, animator (uncredited)
Outpost, animator (uncredited)
From Hand to Mouse, animator
Gas, animator (uncredited)
A Lecture on Camouflage, animator (uncredited)
Private Snafu vs. Malaria
Mike, animator (uncredited)
Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears, animator
Tom Turk and Daffy, animator (uncredited)
A Few Quick Facts: Inflation, animator (uncredited)
Going Home, animator (uncredited)
Hell-Bent for Election, animator (uncredited)
1943 -
Inki and the Minah Bird, animator
Fin n' Catty, animator (uncredited)
The Infantry Blues, animator (uncredited)
Spies, animator (uncredited)
Wackiki Wabbit, animator (uncredited)
Coming!! Snafu, animator (uncredited)
The Aristo-Cat, animator (uncredited)
The Unbearable Bear, animator
Super-Rabbit, animator (uncredited)
Flop Goes the Weasel, animator (uncredited)
To Duck... or Not to Duck, animator
Point Rationing of Foods, animator (uncredited)
Marie Curie, unit manager (uncredited)
1942 -
Case of the Missing Hare, animator (uncredited)
My Favorite Duck, animator (uncredited)
The Dover Boys at Pimento University or The Rivals of Roquefort Hall, animator
Fox Pop, animator
The Squawkin' Hawk, animator
Hold the Lion, Please, animator (uncredited)
The Draft Horse, animator
Dog Tired, animator (uncredited)
Porky's Cafe, animator (uncredited)
The Bird Came C.O.D., animator (uncredited)
1941 -
Porky's Midnight Matinee, animator
Saddle Silly, animator (uncredited)
The Brave Little Bat, animator (uncredited)
Snow Time for Comedy, animator (uncredited)
Inki and the Lion, animator (uncredited)
Toy Trouble, animator
1940 -
Bedtime for Sniffles, animator
Stage Fright, animator (uncredited)
Tom Thumb in Trouble, animator
Sniffles Takes a Trip, animator (uncredited)
The Early Worm Gets the Bird, animator
1939 -
Sniffles and the Bookworm, animator (uncredited)
Porky's Picnic, animator
Chicken Jitters, animator
The Lone Stranger and Porky, animator
1938 -
The Daffy Doc, animator (uncredited)
Porky's Naughty Nephew, animator
Porky & Daffy, animator
What Price Porky, animator
Porky's Poppa, animator (uncredited)
1937 -
Porky's Hero Agency, animator (uncredited)
Rover's Rival, animator (uncredited)
Porky's Duck Hunt, animator
1936 -
Page Miss Glory, animator (uncredited)

* * *Honors:*
1951 – Academy Award for “Best Animated Short” and British Academy Awards for *Gerald * *McBoing-Boing Series*
1952 – Oscar nominated short *Madeline *(1952)
1952 – Oscar nominated short *Christopher Crumpet *(1953)
1956 – Oscar nominated short *The Jaywalker* (1956) 1961 – Golden Palms award nominee at the Cannes Film Festival for *Children of the Sun* (1960)
1976 – Hollywood’s International Animated Film Society’s (ASIFA) Winsor McCay Award for Lifetime Achievement

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