Brenda Stance Chat McKie

Birth: 1949

Occupation/Title: Animator, Overseas Animation Director, and Multi Medium Artist.

Bio Summary:
According to Brenda’s official website, she was born in Guildfort, Sydney 1949. The website also shows all fourteen animation projects that Brenda worked on, and I found out Brenda’s first project is “Shame of the Jungle” (1975) as the assistant animator. I also discovered from the website *IMDb* that the film is a foreign animated movie mentions and the original title is “Tarzoon, la honte de la jungle”. As shown by her official website is her most recent animation project which is a very well known animated TV series in the US, “King of the Hill”. Based on *IMDb,* she worked as an overseas animation director for nine episodes for “King of the Hill” during 2007 to 2009. For over thirty years of Brenda’s animator experience, she is a definitely one of the most successful female animator’s in the world.

As I see Brenda’s official website, she has participated in solo and group exhibitions in South Korea as a professional artist since 2008. According to the online business directory website called *Hotfrog*, I found out she mentions herself the “Multi Medium Artist based in Seoul Korea”.

Early Life/Family

According to Brenda’s official website, Brenda attended “Meadowbank, East Sydney Art School, Alexander MacKie and The New York Studio School of Painting for Sculpture and Drawing.” Brenda did not mention her specific major on her website. I used Google search to look for these college’s websites. And, I discovered from a school website called *The Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE NSW *mentions Meadowbank College is part of the Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE NSW. I also found out from a school website named *UNSW Art & Design* cited UNSW Art & Design united with Alexander Mackie College.

Career Outline:
I sent an email to Brenda through her official website to ask when she started to learn animation, but unfortunately I did not receive any response from her; I am not sure when she really started to learn animation. I visited her college’s websites to see what kind of art programs they have because I thought Brenda learned animation from these schools. Surprisingly, I did not see any animation program from these schools’ programs; moreover, these schools seem to focus on Fine Art. I wanted to make sure when Brenda started to study animation and who she learned from at the first, I visited Pasadena Public Library. But I could not get any great resources. Brenda worked five Australian animation projects from my research in *IMDb*. Therefore, I assumed Brenda most likely learned animation by herself or she learned animation skills when she was an assistant animator. As Brenda’s bio on her official website shows she has been in the animator career field for over thirty-four years. Brenda’s art skill is not just in animation, she also is currently active as a professional artist since 2008 that I found out from her official website.

During I was searching about one of Brenda’s project “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”(1988), I discovered from Google research that Disney and Warner Bros. characters appear in the movie. According to Brenda’s official website, she worked for the project as an assistant animator. I read the movie reviews from *IMDb* to see the audience’s reaction, and one of the movie audiences, Joonas Linkola stated, “Who could forget the piano duel of Donald and Daffy?”. Many people may think “King of the Hill” is Brenda’s major past project and I agree, but I also think “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”(1988) is historically impacted the animation world and was definitely a big project for her animation career.

Comments On Style:
Many animators are great storytellers, and Brenda is definitely one of them. She got not only excellent animation skills; she is a great storyteller as an artist. Brenda’s official website introduces her past solo exhibition“Australian Desert to Mark Making in Seoul”. It displays her abstract paintings with dramatic brush strokes that make me feel she expresses emotions. None of her painting at the exhibition seem cartoon-like to me. During my research project, I found out from Google search that a website *The Korean Times* have an Internet article about Brenda. A writer, John Redmond interviewed Brenda and asked about the subject of her exhibition named “Australian Desert to Mark Making in Seoul”, she explains her artworks at the exhibition and how each expresses herself. Since I visited her college’s websites and blog to research about what kind program the schools have, I see the roots of Brenda’s art came from Fine Art, and they are beautiful.

I think Brenda strongly influenced American animation. I noticed from Brenda’s official website that her first America animation project is “ABC Weekend Specials”(1984). Even though she worked only one episode for the TV series, I see she worked on several American animation films since then. Also I would say Brenda has passions for Fine Art that I felt from her solo exhibition artworks and her interview from *The Korean Times.*

Brenda must be a grateful, hard working woman as I see her past coworkers, Chandru G and Malisa Caroselli’s comments on Brenda’s *LinkedIn*. I would say Brenda is absolutely a talented animator who gives inspiration for all animators. She is not only a great animator; she is also great artist who can express herself well through her artworks. I see she loves her career due to Brenda is still work as an artist. I believe her artistic abilities will expand all over the country.

I discovered from my researched at *The New York Times*’ website that “King of the Hill” had been on TV, but Fox cancelled after the thirteenth series and it was 2010. As Breanda’s official website shows she worked for the project from 2007 to 2009. I believe many fans were shocked about it.

I found out Brenda used several artist names. I looked Brenda’s project list and her credit on* IMDb*, and I noticed Brenda used “Brenda Chat-McKie” for only “Who Framed Roger Rabbits”(1998). Also I see Brenda used “Brenda McKie” during 1975 to 1983. I see Brenda uses “Brenda Stance Chat McKie ” for her solo exhibition “From Australian Desert to Mark Making in Seoul” that I found out her exhibition website.

2007-2009 “King of the Hill” (TV Series) (overseas animation director, 9 episodes)
-“To Sirloin with Love” (2009) (overseas animation director)
- “Serves Me Right for Giving General George S. Patton the Bathroom Key” (2009)(overseas animation director)
- “Dia-BILL-ic Shock” (2008) (overseas animation director)
- “Strangeness on a Train” (2008) (overseas animation director)
- “The Courtship of Joseph's Father” (2008) (overseas animation director)
- “Death Picks Cotton” (2007) (overseas animation director)
- “Lucky's Wedding Suit” (2007) (overseas animation director)
- “Hank Gets Dusted” (2007) (overseas animation director)
1995 “Balto” (additional assistant animator)
1994 “Highlander: The Animated Series” (TV Series) (overseas animation supervisor - as Brenda Chat, 1994)
1993 “We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story” (senior assistant animator)
1991 “An American Tail: Fievel Goes West” (assistant animator)
1990 “Manu” (TV Series) (animation director)
1988 “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” (assistant animator)
1984 “ABC Weekend Specials” (TV Series) (inbetween Artist - 1 episode)
- “The Bunjee Venture” (1984) (inbetween Artist)
1983“Sherlock Holmes and the Baskerville Curse” (TV Movie) (animator)
1983 “Sherlock Holmes and the Sign of Four” (animator)
1983 “David Copperfield” (TV Movie) (animator)
1982 “Sarah and the Squirrel” (assistant animator)
1982/II “A Christmas Carol” (TV Movie) (animator)
1981 “Dot and Santa Claus” (inbetween artist)
1975 “Shame of the Jungle” (assistant animator)

Honors: (Resource: Brenda’s official website)
2004 Port Hedland Award

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