Subject: Brett G. Cook AKA Brett Gregory Cook’s


Cook has mainly contributed to various works as title designer with some
credits as a special effects artists in notable works like FernGully and
The Princess and the Cobbler. The majority of his work is credited as
having worked on shorts and television projects.

Bio Summary:
Cooks career came into the public consciousness with his first noted
credit in 1989’s Conquering Space as a title designer. Brett G. Cook would
then go on to six year run of various jobs. His career has accumulated a
total of 15 recorded credits on various projects. His most noted highlight
would be his role as an assistant effects supervisor and designer in
FernGully: The Last Rainforest. Cook’s credits come to an abrupt end in
1995 with the television movie Down Came a Blackbird where he contributed
as a title designer. Cook’s noted activities ceased for more than a decade
when he suddenly assisted in the documentary Men in Suits and was thanked
as “gorilla thanks”. The documentary details the lives and process of the
people who would bring the silver screen monsters and creatures before the
rise of computer generated characters.

Early Life/Family :
There was no information related to Brett G. Cook’s personal available upon research.

Cook’s education and training was unavailable, though his experience on
various projects undoubtedly helped to refine his skills and work ethic.

Career Outline:
Brett G. Cook worked through the early 90’s and focused primarily on title
design though he also has notable contributions on two big animated films
including FernGully: The Last Rainforest and The Princess and the Cobbler.





1989 “ Conquering Space” title designer
· 1990 “12:01 PM” title designer/special effects designer
· 1991” To the Moon, Alice” title designer
· 1991 “Without a Pass” title designer
· 1991 “ The Washing Machine Man” title designer
· 1992 “Fifteenth Phase of the Moon” title designer
· 1992 “ FernGully: The Last Rainforest” assistant effects animator/designer /overseas quality coordinator
· 1993 “The Princess and the Cobbler” assistant special effects animator: Calvert/Cobbler
· 1993” the Last Shot” title designer
· 1993 “Lush Life” title designer
· 1995” Dangerous Indiscretion” title designer
· 1995 Down Came a Blackbird” title designer
· 2012” Men in Suits” gorilla thanks – as Brett Cook


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