Subject: Brian Demoskoff

December 13th, 1977

Animator/Director/ Writer/Layout Artist/Actor

Bio Summary:
Brian was born in Castlegar, B.C., and Canada. After his high school graduation, he took 2D classical animation course at Vancouver Film School in 1996, which was an 11-month course, and each student got to complete a short film by the end of the course.

He loves making movies, live-action and animation. When he was in 11th grade, he showed several films in school, and he won a couple of awards for a live-action movie. He made a film called *Five Bucks Worth* at a festival in B.C. He was really into movies making. He started to do a research on film schools in his graduating year and found VFS. He then chose to study animation instead of film-making. He found out he was good at it. He started working in Vancouver and various capacities for 2D projects at many studios in town. After a couple years, a stop-motion pilot project was started in town, so he applied and got on board. He learned about stop-motion animation on this project with an awesome team and got to animate about 30 seconds of the show. With a new animation reel, he decided to move to England because it was world renowned for its stop-motion animation, and he wanted to pursue for a higher level. He ended up living in Europe for 11 years, and he had chances to work on the Corpse Bride and many projects (TV series, commercials, music videos, and etc.). He was working on Coraline for a while in Portland, Oregon. He specializes in stop-motion animation, but also does 2D animation.

Early Life/Family:
He has been a very creative person all his life. He drew a lot since he was a kid. He loved Saturday morning cartoons and read comics books such as *Garfield* and *Calvin and Hobbes*. While in early elementary school, he and his friend did a report on animation, and it kick started his interest in how cartoons were made. Then when he was about eight years old, his parents bought him a video camera, later on he started to make crude stop-motion movies with toys and furniture. His parents aren't artists, but they support and encourage him to do what he wants to accomplish. He had fun making projects with his twin brother. He got really into it, and he bought a special VCR to do editing and adding music (cut up from movie soundtracks). His parents see the talents of what he can do with the films and movies while he was working on them at home. So when he decided to go to film school, they were very supportive.

He learned all aspects of making animated productions at Vancouver Film School, from storyboard to animation. He focused on animation but has worked in all kinds of positions.

Career Outline:
He has been very confident and good to get involved with all kinds of projects at various studios. He has learned animation in 2D and the principles of how to animate in 2D (like in Disney’s *Illusion of Life*) very well, and then he just simply transfers the principles to a 3D stop-motion puppet. To become a professional stop-motion animator, he needs to practice over and over again every day. He was lucky to get hired for his first gig at Cosgrove Hall Films in Manchester, UK. They had many ongoing TV series there, so he ended up working for about six years and eventually becoming a solid stop-motion animator. With a strong reel, he got hired onto Corpse Bride for his first feature film. He has always been hired based on his works. He has a good personality and ability to work with a team, as well as independently.

Comments On Style:
He likes experimental works that pushes boundaries and discovers new things. When he tries to break new ground with works, he feels the most satisfied on a personal level.

He loves the early *Ren and Stimpy* cartoons (John Kricfalusi) for its twisted and exaggerated craziness because it’s really funny. Walt Disney taught him how to animate base on the book called *Illusion of Life*. He also likes foreign films for new ideas and perspectives. He loves live-action movies’ directors such as Martin Scorcese, Paul Thomas Anderson. The most important thing to him is telling a good story. *The Nightmare Before Christmas *blew him away when he saw it and got him excited about stop-motion animation.

Brian thinks that he’s mysterious and quiet, but could be charming and clever if he feels like it! He’s a very informative and knowledgeable animator who loves to challenge and discover new things throughout his career and interest. He loves his job and has a passion on what he is doing. He has been very nice to talk through during the interview.

He likes to make short movies. So each time he comes up with a new project, he tries to do something that he has never done before. He thinks a lot and tries to find innovative angles until he thinks it’s the best shot, that’s why he likes experimental animations. He thinks a good story is always the number one thing. He’s currently working on painting and experimenting with techniques, and hoping it could lead to some kind of film project. He sometimes gets inspired by music and people. He’s a very visual person, so he likes any forms of visual art.


1997 Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas (Video) (Additional Inbetween artist)
1999 *Ed, Edd, ‘n’Eddy* (TV Series) (Assistant Animator)
2002 *Andy Pandy* (TV Series) (Animator)
2003 *Little Robots* (TV Series) (Animator)
2003 *Broken* (Short) (Writer) (Producer)
2005 *Corpse Bride* (Animator)
2006 *The Tale of Sir Richard* (Short) (Animator)
2007 *Max & Co* (Animator)
2009 *Coraline* (Additional Animator)
2010 *Neggy Meets Sammy* (Short) (Animator)
2012 *The Apostle* (Additional Animator)


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