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He was born in Herning Denmark. There he grew up on a Dairy Farm with 2 brothers. His dad looked after the cows and my his mother looked after the pigs. He told me that it was a pretty happy and relaxed childhood. When I asked him about his inspiration he told me that “There were no artists in my immediate family although my grandpa was a bit of a do-it-yourself wood worker and inventor, so he was a bit of an inspiration”. He also said that his brothers both have artistic skills but they haven't used them in later life.

Many animators have the niche type of animation that they like to get into. Brian Hansen particularly likes stopmotion. He likes stopmotion because he feels as it is more like acting and it has a performative element I really enjoy. He told me that his drawing skills “aren't up to a professional standard“. He told me that “I have to say I feel very lucky, I feel like I’ve been in the right place at the right time, with the right skills. I know some people say you make your own luck but I do think that I"ve been very fortunate.” After Animation Workshop he got a job immediately on Little People (which is a Fisher Price series - in Copenhagen).

I then asked him about his path to his animation career. He first started working as Chief for eight years but decided to give animation a try. He applied for the The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. He told me that it is one of the best animation schools in their world There he studied to become an animator and has been animating ever since.

When I asked about his influences in animation he told me that he really didn’t know anything about animation. He told me that he hadn’t even seen “Wallace and Gromit or Nightmare Before Christmas or anything.” He told me he just felt that Animation is what he wanted to do, just a he had felt with when he was a chef.

Brian Hansen is fairly active as a person. He likes to do a lot of traveling. Including hiking. He has traveled through Europe including Switzerland, England, and Italy. He is also very sociable. Being friendly with fellow co-workers and personal friends.

When I asked him about any stories he’d like to share with me he told me that when he worked on “Little People” he met lots of English animators. He tells me that they “went back to London to work on the Koala Brothers, where I got a job too. Many of us then went onto The Corpse Bride and so on. I think that being able to work well with other people is an important part of the job. I work really hard and have talent but I think that luck and kindness and friendliness are really important too.”

He also mentioned that working different directors is very interesting. He says that “some [of the directors] are more hands on because they have come from an Animation background and then some not from that background have "Animation Directors" they work with - this is the person who the Animator works with day to day if there is one. I’ve now worked with Wes Anderson, Tim Burton, Mark Gustafson, Peter Dodd, Chris Butler and Sam Fell… amongst others and they all very different”

Frankenweenie 2012
ParaNorman 2012
The Great Bear 2011
Fantastic Mr. Fox 2009
Carsten & Gitte's Movie Madness 2008
Eat Shit and Die (TV Movie) 2008
Max & Co 2007
The Tale of Sir Richard (Short) 2006
Corpse Bride 2005
Billy Boy 900: 2004
The Vampire Kiss (TV Short) 2004
The Koala Brothers (TV Series) ---(animator - 1 episode) - Lolly's Broken Bell (2004)
Little People: Big Discoveries (TV Series) 2002

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