Cecil Surry

Born April 19, 1907
Died September 19, 1956

Cecil Surry was an animator and a comic book illustrator.

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Early Life/Family:
Cecil Surry was born in Chelan, Washington where he spent his childhood. His family moved to San Diego when he was fifteen.

Education Training:
He attended Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles.

Career Outline:
He began with Walt Disney Studio where he worked on the Silly Symphonies for six shorts. He then went on to Walter Lantz studio credited as an animator on Going to Blazes. His fellow colleague Tex Avery left Walter Lantz to work as a director for Warner Brothers and Cecil followed him with Sith Sutherland to work at Warner Brothers. He left there and worked for a while at Hanna- Barbera. After that he joined UPA in 1950 and mostly stayed there with a few exceptions at Lantz studio. In addition in mid 1940's he began doing comic book illustrating for Western Publishing.

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Egyptian Melodies Walt Disney 1931,
The Shriek Walter Lantz 1933,
Going to Blazes Walter Lantz 1933,
Ham and Eggs Walter Lantz 1933,
Confidence Walter Lantz 1933,
Five and Dime Walter Lantz 1933,
The Zoo Walter Lantz 1933,
Kings Up Walter Lantz 1934,
Annie Moved Away Walter Lantz 1934,
William Tell Walter Lantz 1934,
Dizzy Dwarf Walter Lantz 1934,
Elmer the Great Dane Walter Lantz 1935,
Towne Hall Follies Walter Lantz 1935,
At Your Service Walter Lantz 1935,
Amateur Broadcast Walter Lantz 1935,
I'd Love to take orders from You Leon Schlesinger Studios 1936,
Porky the Rain Maker Leon Schlesinger Studios 1936,
The Village Smithy Leon Schlesinger Studios 1936,
The Night Before Christmas MGM 1941,
Johnny Learns His Manners Hugh Harman 1946,
The Popcorn Story UPA 1950,
The Family Circus UPA 1951,
Barefaced Flatfoot UPA 1951,
Fuddy Duddy Buddy UPA 1951,
Grizzly Golfer UPA 1951,
Man Alive UPA 1952,
Sloppy Jalopy UPA 1952,
The Dog Snatcher UPA 1952,
Pete Hothead UPA 1952,
The Dog that Cried Wolf Walter Lantz 1953,
The Mouse and the Lion Walter Lantz 1953,
The Flying Turtle Walter Lantz 1953,
Magoos Masterpiece UPA 1953,
Magoo Slept Here UPA 1953,
When Magoo Flew UPA 1954,
Magoo Goes Skiing UPA 1954,
Four Wheels, No Brakes UPA 1954,
The Fifty First Dragon UPA 1954,
Kangaroo Courting UPA 1954,
Destination Magoo UPA 1954,
Magoo's Check Up UPA 1955,
Magoo Express UPA 1955,
Madcap Magoo UPA 1955,
Stage Door Magoo UPA 1955,
Magoo Makes News UPA 1955,
Magoo's Canine Mutiny UPA 1956,
Magoo Goes West UPA 1956,
Calling Doctor Magoo UPA 1956,
Magoo Beats the Heat UPA 1956,
Magoo's Puddle Jumper UPA 1956,
Trailblazer Magoo UPA 1956 ,
Meet Mother Magoo UPA 1956,
Magoo Goes Overboard UPA 1957,
Matador Magoo UPA 1957,
Magoo Breaks Par UPA 1957,
The Woody Woodpecker Show UPA 1957.

Cecil Surry worked on two Oscar winning shorts "When Magoo Flew" and "Magoo's Puddle Jumper"

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