*Animator: Charlotte Worsaae*

*Birth/Death* From SFI.SE (The Swedish Film institute) Charlotte Worsaae was born on February 15th, 1971.

*Occupation/Title* From Linkedin.com and Imdb.com, Worsaae is an animator, model builder, set decorator, costume designer

*Bio Summary*

*Early Life/Family:* I contacted her on facebook.com, but she never replied and appeared to have not been active since January 6th 2014.

From facebook.com, Worsaae posted a photo of her newborn baby in 2012 and commented that he was her second child. She currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

*Education/Training:* From linkedin.com, Charlotte Worsaae studied at the University of the West of England from 1998-1999. There she studied stop motion animation.

*Career Outline*:

2005, Worsaae worked as an animator for Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. On facebook.com I found that she was friends with the animation supervisor Anthony Scott on Corpse Bride.

From IMDB.com, in 2009, Worsaae was an animator for the film Metropia and worked with the lead animator Isak Gjertsen.

From IMDB.com, in 2010 Worsaae was an animator on a Swedish claymation film called Venus. She worked with lead animator Rie Nymand.

Form Linkedin.com, Worsaae’s work ended in 2012 where she worked on animation background for children’s theater at Dansehallerne . *http://www.dansehallerne.dk/?ver=uk *

Google search for “Charlotte Worsaae and Tor Fruergaard” and found that they worked on another Danish film called Growing Pains.

From Torfruergaard.com, Tor was the director and Worsaae was in charge of set decoration forest. This was released at the Toronto film festival in 2014. This was not updated on her linkedin account and seems to be her most recent work. http://torfruergaard.com/?page_id=405

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1995-1996 “Jungledyret” (Checker) 1996 Animotion (Model builder) 1996 “Jack the Fool” (Model builder) 1996 “The Ballad of Holger Danish”(Set decoration) 1997-1998
Egmont Imagination (Model builder) 1999-2001 Aardman Animation (Animator) 2001-2002
“Little People” (Animator) 2002 “Ape” (Animator) 2003 “Strings” (Model builder) 2003 “Freak show” (Costume and Wardrobe) 2004-2005 “Corpse Bride”
(Animator) 2005-2006 Titoonic A/S
(Animator) 2006-2007 “Max&Co” (Animator) 2008 “Metropia” (Animator) 2008-2009 “Storvask”
(Animator) 2009 “HASH” (Model builder) 2010 “Venus”
(Animator) 2011-2012 Afskyelif Is
(Model builder) 2012 Dansehallerne
(Animation background projection) 2014 “Growing Pains” (Set decoration)

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