Dan Povenmire

Born on September, 18 1963 in El Cajon, CA

Current position is show creator, executive producer, and voice actor

Bio Summary:
He was born in El Cajon and moved to Alabama as a kid. He was mainly interested in film making and moved back to California to study film. Unable to get accepted into film programs, he studied animation for two years and then dropped out of USC. He held various positions in different shows, working for Nickelodeon, Warner Bros, and other studios.

Early Life/Family:
He was a child prodigy and started drawing when he was 2 years old. By the time he was 14 or 15 he started selling artwork to galleries. Inspired by the movie Jaws, he used the money to buy a camera, which he used to make many films. He was mainly interested in writing and directing, and wanted to pursue a career in film.

He applied to both CAL ARTS and USC, but was not accepted into their film programs. Instead, USC offered him entrance into their animation program which he accepted. He studied at USC for 2 years, taking mostly film classes, and then abandoned his studies at USC.

Career Outline:
Soon after leaving USC, he worked on story boarding for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and did animation for Tommy Chong's "Far Out Man". He has also worked in character layout (Simpsons) and storyboard clean up. But has mainly held positions such as director, writer, and storyboard supervisor for various shows.

Comments On Style:
He refers to his style as a combination of "MASH" and Chuck Jones and likes to incorporate visual gags to express the humor of his work.

Chuck Jones has been most influential in his life and his style. Early in his career he animated a Sylvester and Tweety short that was meant for the eyes of Chuck Jones. However, Chuck Jones passed away before the completion of the short film. The film, involving many multi-colored versions of Sylvester chasing Tweety, was never released but is still part of Dan's demo reel.

Dan is easygoing and funny. He was more than happy to participate in an interview and went as far as offering a tour of the studio and lunch with him. Likewise, everyone that works with him seemed to know very well of his friendly and welcoming attitude.

Since it is almost Halloween, Dan couldn't help but remember one of his coworkers dressing up as the Hulk one Halloween. It was a 9ft, homemade costume that he claims was the most amazing costume he has seen.

He prefers working on shows that are directed towards adults, since he has more freedom to make the jokes he wants to make.

Dan mentioned that Chuck and Wendy Grieb curiously now own the house that he was planning to purchase a few years back.

Dan is left-handed.

His daughters seem to be artistically oriented. They tend to make up their own songs and, once during a party, impressed his composer, Danny Jacob, with one of their creations.

He prefers drawing over painting and TV shows over films. He explains that he has a limited attention span and working on shows is quick and there is something new to do every time, and cleaning brushes and mixing paint is not something he wants to think about doing while creating art.

He wishes he had the time to explore and learn how to use Maya and Zbrush to make models.

While working with Seth Green in Family Guy, he found that he shared a very similar sense of humor with him and Seth would trust him with many creative decisions.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Storyboard Artist
The Simpsons, character layout
Rocko's Modern Life
Hey Arnold
Family Guy, Director
Life is a Fish, Writer
Phineas and Ferb, creator, voice actor, producer

He has been nominated for 10 Emmy's in four categories (Writing, Songwriting, Best Animated Show, and voice acting). He has won one for writing.

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