Dave Master

Dave Master is still alive today


Dave Master is very well-rounded when it comes to his work experience in the animation business. Some of his occupations have included being a: Founder/Teacher (Rowland High School Animation Program), Director of Artist and Professional Development (Warner Bros. Animation), Founder/Director (ACME Virtual Animation Training Network), an Innovator, Designer, Consultant, and also Presenter.

*Bio Summary*

Dave Master is an American innovator, educator, founder, and director to say the least. Despite not being an animator himself (i.e. working in a studio, drawing characters and such), Dave Master has contributed so much to the world of animation through other vices.

*Early Life/Family *

Dave Master started his career teaching art in a junior high class. He thought it would be a great addition to include animation, and dealing with time to the mix of drawing, painting, and sculpting.


Master studied at the City University of New York-College of Staten Island from 1967-1971. It was there that he received his Bachelor’s of Art of Fine Arts.

*Career Outline*

Dave Master first began his career as a teacher at Rincon School from 1978-1980. From 1979-1985, he became Co-Founder and served as board member for the Los Angeles Student Film Institute. From then on, Master was an animation instructor for the La Puente Valley Regional Occupation Program during 1985-1993. His career path afterwards also include becoming Co-Creator and Co-Director of The Da Vinci Project (Math-Science Trans-Disciplinary Project) from 1991-1995. During the years of 1993-2000, Dave Master served as the Director of Artist and Professional Development for Warner Bros. Feature Animation. Furthermore, in between his time, Master founded ACME Animation in 1994, and was the director until 2009. In the year of 1995, Dave Master was a Consultant for the Disney Institute in Orlando, Florida. In later years, Master became one of the Lead Developers of a Sci-Pi Pilot Project from 2003-2004. He was also the Consultant and Workshop Leader of the Cultural Stories and Language Preservation Project in 2006-2008. In addition, Dave Master has been a teacher at Rowland High for quite some time; 15 years (1978- 1993). As of today, Mr. Master is still hard at work; from serving on panels at animation conventions to speaking at consulting gigs around the country. From October 2009 to present time, Dave Master is serving as Director of Master Ideaworks LLC.

*Comments on Style*

I believe that style is something that is unique for it depends on the type of animation feature.



According to a few online testimonials discovered from former students, Dave Master is described to be someone who is “enthusiastic, encouraging, and committed”. Another student considers Mr. Master to be “the most motivating and inspirational teacher”. Based on an email response I’ve received from him, Dave Master seems to be a down-to-earth individual.

*Anecdotes *

1996- *Space Jam*- (artistic development)* *
1998- *The Quest for Camelot*- (artistic development)
1999- The Iron Giant - (artistic casting and development)
2006- Fumi and the Bad Luck Foot - (short) (story consultant) * * *Honors*

1981- Year of the Educator Medallion Award, Los Angeles County
1984 - Golden Bell Award, California Boards Association
1986 - Inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame, City University of New York, Staten Island Campus
1989 - Bravo Award – Los Angeles County Music Center
1991- National Technology Teacher of the Year
1991- Special Recognition for Outstanding Achievement, United States Congress
1991- Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Commendation
1991- Western Region Technology Teacher of the Year
1999 - June Foray Award, International Animated Film Society for Significant Contributions to the Art and Industry of Animation
2008 - SMPTE Kodak Gold Medal Award for Outstanding Contributions to New Educational Methods Using Media Technologies

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