Dick Lundy

Birth: August 14th ,1907 Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan
Death: April 7th, 1990 San Diego County, California

Animator, Director

Bio Summary:
Dick Lundy is an animator and director, who worked at studios such as Disney, MGM and Hanna Barbera. He is primarily remembered as the creator of the attitude and mannerisms for Donald Duck. He has a very impressive list of credits, which includes participation of animation in over 60 movies and directing 51 short films.

Early Life/Family:
Lundy was born as an only child in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan to James and Minnie Lundy. The family eventually settles down in Detroit, where his dad worked as an inspector for the Burroughs Adding Machine Company.

When Lundy was 10 years old, his parents divorced. As a result, he and his mother relocated Port Huron, Michigan. They eventually move back to Detroit, where the mother found employment as a waitress.


Career Outline:
Dick Lundy started his career in the animation world in the summer of 1929 at Walt Disney Studios. He initially entered as an ink and paint department, but was put in as an inbetweener in September of that year. In 1930, he was promoted as an animator where he worked on films such as Three Little Pigs ,The Orphan’s Benefit, and Snow White. After working on Snow White, he directed Disney shorts in the beginning of 1937 and until 1943 when he left Disney.

While at Disney, Dick Lundy gave Donald Duck the personality and mannerism that we can observe today. According to Walt Disney's Donald Duck: 50 Years of Happy Frustration, when Lutz heard Clarence Nash-the voice actor for Donald Duck-he “ decided that [Donald] was an ego-show-off. If anything crossed him, he got mad and blew his top." Donald Duck was not the only thing he brought life into, as he was well known as a personality animator at Disney. He had a great talent of communicating personality of the characters through their actions and movements. Unfortunately, many of his accomplishments were not recognized and were given to other animators that entered the studios after him.

After his departure from Disney, he worked at various studios such as Walter Lantz, MGM, and Hanna-Barbera as an animator and a director. He worked at Hanna-Barbera until his retirement in 1973. Although he officially retired in that year, he would do freelance work on the side. A humble and passionate man about animation, he was quoted saying, “I spent 44 years in the industry and am now satisfied to let the younger people take over. I’ve had my fun, let them enjoy it.” He truly cared about the art of animation and wanted the younger generation to carry on the beautiful art form.

Comments On Style:
As previously mentioned, known as a personality animator at Disney.

Personality: Not arrogant, but very humble and modest from the interview letter written to Mark Mayerson. The way he approached it was not condescending either, and he seemed to have a genuine interest to tell the interviewee his story.

Miscellaneous: In* the Illusion of Life*,it states that Fred Moore was greatly inspired by Dick’s draftsmanship abilities and skills in understanding a character’s personality. He directed about 10,500 feet of Navy training pictures.

– A Sticky Affair (1970) (animator)
– The Odd Trio (1970) (animator)
– Get That Letter Back (1970) (animator)
– To Catch a Thief (1970) (animator)
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1970 Scooby Doo, Where Are You! (TV series) (animator - 8 episodes)
– A Tiki Scare Is No Fair (1970) (animator)
– Don't Fool with a Phantom (1970) (animator)
– Haunted House Hang-Up (1970) (animator)
– Jeepers, It's the Creeper (1970) (animator)
– Mystery Mask Mix-Up (1970) (animator)
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1969 The Perils of Penelope Pitstop (TV series) (animator)
1968-1969 The New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (TV series) (animator - 5 episodes)
– Mission of Captain Mordecai (1969) (animator)
– The Eye of Doorgah (1968) (animator)
– The Last Labor of Hercules (1968) (animator)
– Huck of La Mancha (1968) (animator)
– The Magic Shillelah (1968) (animator)
1968 The Adventures of Gulliver (TV series) (animator - 1 episode)
– The Forbidden Pool (1968) (animator)
1967 Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor (TV series) (animator)
1966 Frankenstein, Jr. and the Impossibles (TV series) (animator)
1966 The Man Called Flintstone (animator - as Richard Lundy)
1960-1965 The Flintstones (TV series) (animator - 21 episodes)
– Shinrock-A-Go-Go (1965) (animator)
– Christmas Flintstone (1964) (animator)
– The Blessed Event (1963) (animator)
– Nuttin' But the Tooth (1962) (animator)
– The Happy Household (1962) (animator)
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1965 The Atom Ant Show (TV series) (animator)
1964 The Magilla Gorilla Show (TV series) (animator)
1964 Raggedy Rug (short) (animator)
1962-1963 The Jetsons (TV series) (animator - 4 episodes)
– The Little Man (1963) (animator)
– The Good Little Scouts (1962) (animator)
– The Coming of Astro (1962) (animator)
– Rosey the Robot (1962) (animator)
1962 Rancid Ransom (short) (animator)
1962 Common Scents (short) (animator)
1962 Beef for and After (short) (animator)
The Yogi Bear Show (TV series) (animator - 4 episodes, 1961) (animation supervisor - 1 episode, 1962)
– Yogi's Birthday Party (1962) (animation supervisor)
– Bear Foot Soldiers/Royal Rodent/Judo Ex-Expert (1961) (animator - segment "Royal Rodent")
– Ice Box Raider/One Two Many/Baddie Buddies (1961) (animator - segment "Baddie Buddies")
– Disguise and Gals/Remember the Daze/Foxy Proxy (1961) (animator - segment "Foxy Proxy")
– Genial Genie/The Gangsters All Here/Duck the Music (1961) (animator - segment "Genial Genie")
1961 Child Sock-Cology (short) (animator)
1961 Count Down Clown (short) (animator)
1959-1961 The Huckleberry Hound Show (TV series) (animator - 2 episodes)
– Spud Dud/High Jinks/Tricks and Treats (1960) (animator - segment "High Jinks")
– Stranger Ranger/Mighty Mite/A Bully Dog (1959) (animator)
1959-1960 Quick Draw McGraw (TV series) (animator - 1 episode)
– Motor Knows Best/Whatever Goes Pup/El Kabong Strikes Again (1959) (animator)
1945 Chew-Chew Baby (short) (animator - uncredited)
1945 The Pied Piper of Basin Street (short) (animator - uncredited)
1944 Ski for Two (short) (animator - uncredited)
1944 The Beach Nut (short) (animator)
1944 Abou Ben Boogie (short) (animator - uncredited)
1944 Fish Fry (short) (animator - uncredited)
1943 Home Defense (short) (animator)
1942 Donald's Gold Mine (short) (animator)
1941 Sullivan's Travels (animator: "Playful Pluto" - uncredited)
1940 Mr. Duck Steps Out (short) (animator - uncredited)
1939 Donald's Lucky Day (short) (animator - uncredited)
1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (animator)
1937 Woodland Cafι (short) (animator - uncredited)
1936 Toby Tortoise Returns (short) (animator - uncredited)
1936 Thru the Mirror (short) (animator - uncredited)
1936 Three Little Wolves (short) (animator - uncredited)
1936 Mickey's Grand Opera (short) (animator - uncredited)
1936 Orphans' Picnic (short) (animator - uncredited)
1935 Broken Toys (short) (animator)
1935 Pluto's Judgement Day (short) (animator)
1935 Who Killed Cock Robin? (short) (animator: "Dan Cupid" - uncredited)
1935 Mickey's Service Station (short) (animator - uncredited)
1934 Orphan's Benefit (short) (animator - uncredited)
1934 The Wise Little Hen (short) (animator - uncredited)
1934 Playful Pluto (short) (animator)
1933 Mickey's Gala Premier (short) (animator - uncredited)
1933 Three Little Pigs (short) (animator - uncredited)
1932 The Duck Hunt (short) (animator - uncredited)
1931 The Ugly Duckling (short) (animator - uncredited)
1931 Mother Goose Melodies (short) (animator)
1930 Pioneer Days (short) (animator - uncredited)
1930 Monkey Melodies (short) (animator - uncredited)
1930 Night (short) (animator - uncredited)
1930 The Shindig (short) (animator - uncredited)
1930 Midnight in a Toy Shop (short) (animator)
1928 Steamboat Willie (short) (animator - uncredited)
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Bibliographic References:
*The Illusion of Life *and *Walt Disney's Donald Duck: 50 Years of Happy Frustration*.

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