Subject: Francesca “Franci” Allen


animation assistant, animator, layout artist, key assistant animator,
breakdown and inbetween artist, assistant animation supervisor, lead
character key, character model clean-up, character lead, and storyboard

Bio Summary:
Worked in the animation business from 1974 to 2003. Had her name changed from
“Francesca Freeman” to “Francesca Allen” in 1989 due to marriage or other legal

Early Life/Family:
Possibly got married in 1989


Career Outline:
Allen started her career with Krantz Productions in 1974 as an assistant
animator on *The Nine Lives of Fritz The Cat.* The then worked as an
animator for DePatie-Freleng on *The New Fantastic Four *in 1978. From 1979
to 1982, she worked for Filmation as an animator and a layout artist for a
few of their television shows including *Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids *(1979).
From 1983 to 1987, she did work for Ruby-Spears Productions, British Screen
Productions, and Sunbow Entertainment until she stayed with Warner Brothers
working on Daffy Duck shorts as an assistant animator and a key assistant
animator from 1987 to 1989. She became a breakdown and inbetween artist for
*The Little Mermaid *(1989). She stuck around with Disney Pictures studios to
also be an assistant animator for *Tummy Trouble *(1989). Allen then moved
to work for Hyperion Pictures as an assistant animation supervisor,
assistant animator, and lead character key between 1991 and 1992, and
returned again in 1996 as a final modeler. During this time, she also
worked for Koyer Films as a key assistant animator in *Ferngully: The Last
Rainforest* (1992). From this point on, Allen seldom stuck with a studio
for longer than a couple years, however, she often did clean-up animation
wherever she was. She did work for Rich Animation Studios (now called Crest
Animation Productions) as a key assistant animator, Turner Entertainment in
1994 and 1997 as a clean-up artist, DisneyToon Studios as a character model
clean-up in 1995, and Warner brothers as an assistant animation director in
1996. In the late nineties, she worked as a key assistant animator for
DreamWorks Animation, working on *The Prince of Egypt *(1998) and *The Road
to El Dorado *(2000). She became far less active in the early 2000s, only
being credited for being an animation supervisor for Character Builders in
2000, an assistant animator for SimFx Digital Studios in 2002, and a
character model clean-up for DisneyToon Studios in 2003. *101 Dalmatians
II: Patch’s London Adventure *(2003) is her last project and it is unknown
what she has been doing since.

Comments On Style:
With her clean-up animation, she was very consistent.


Sweet and professional.



· • 1974 *The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat *(Assistant Animator)
· • 1978 *The New Fantastic Four *(Animator)
· • 1979 *Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids *(Animator)
· • 1979 *The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse and Heckle & Jeckle *
· • 1979-1980 *Flash Gordon *(Animator)
· • 1980 *The New Adventures of Tom and Jerry *(Layout Artist)
· • 1981 *The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam! *(Layout Artist)
· • 1982 *Mighty Mouse in Great Space Chase *(Animator)
· • 1984 *I Love the Chipmunks Valentine Special *(Character Modeler)
· • 1986 *The Glo Friends *(Storyboard Director)
· • 1986 *When the Wind Blows *(Assistant Animator)
· • 1987 *The Duxorcist *(Key Assistant Animator)
· • 1988 *The Night of the Living Duck *(Key Assistant Animator)
· • 1988 *Daffy Duck’s Quackbusters *(Key Assistant Animator)
· • 1989 *Bugs Bunny’s Wild World of Sports *(Assistant Animator)
· • 1989 *Back to Neverland *(Assistant Animator)
· • 1989 *The Little Mermaid *(Breakdown/Inbetween Artist)
· • 1989 *Tummy Trouble *(Assistant Animator)
· • 1991 *Rover Dangerfield *(Assistant Animation Supervisor)
· • 1992 *Ferngully: The Last Rainforest *(Key Assistant Animator)
· • 1992 *Bébé's Kids *(Lead Character Key)
· • 1992 *The Itsy Bitsy Spider *(Assistant Animator)
· • 1994 *The Swan Princess *(Key Assistant Animator)
· • 1994 *The Pagemaster *(Additional Character Clean-Up)
· • 1995 *A Goofy Movie *(Character Model Clean-Up)
· • 1996 *Toto Lost in New York *(Final Modeler)
· • 1996 *The Nome Prince and the Magic Belt *(Final Modeler)
· • 1996 *Space Jam *(Assistant Animation Director)
· • 1997 *Cats Don’t Dance *(Clean-Up Animation)
· • 1998 *The Prince of Egypt *(Key Assistant Animator)
· • 2000 *The Road to El Dorado *(Key Assistant Animator)
· • 2000 *The Indescribable Nth *(Assistant Animation Supervisor)
· • 2002 *One Giant Kick *(Assistant Animator)
· • 2003 *101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure *(Character Model Clean-Up)


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