Frank Tipper

Birth: August 19, 1909 in Douglas, Isle of Man, UK
Death: September 20, 1963 in Los Angeles County, CA

Artist, Animator, Art Director, Commercial Art Director, Background Artist, Designer, Effects Animator

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“- an early Disney animator who found his way to Leon's in '33 and stayed until late 1934. From there like many animators of significant talent he leapt over to Harman-Ising, where he happily stayed for three years. It was Tipper who testified that MGM illegally tried to hire him away from H-I in the Spring of 1937. He held on to Harman till out of necessity in late '37, he quit (but NOT to work for MGM or Disney). Frank took the road-less-desired and accepted employment at Walter Lantz's where his name turns up regularly from mid-'38 till 1942.” –Sogturtle from archive.

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1931 “Blue Rhythm” (Animator)
1931 “The Fox Hunt” (Animator)
1931 “The Spider and the Fly” (Animator)
1931 “The Ugly Duckling” (Animator)
1932 “The Bears and the Bees” (Animator)
1932 “Flowers and Trees” (Animator)
1932 “Just Dogs” (Animator)
1932 “Bugs in Love” (Animator)
1932 “The Klondike Kid (Animator)
1933 “The Wizard of Oz” (Artist)
1934 “Honeymoon Hotel” (Animator)
1934 “Buddy’s Trolley Troubles” (Animator)
1934 “How Do I Know It’s Sunday” (Animator)
1934 “The Girl at the Ironing Board” (Animator)
1934 “Pop Goes Your Heart” (Animator)
1934 “Viva Buddy” (Animator)
1934 “Buddy’s Pony Express” (Animator) – Not Credited
1938 “Boy Meets Dog” (Animator)
1938 “Problem Child” (Animator)
1938 “Cheese-Nappers” (Animator)
1938 “Voodoo in Harlem” (Animator)
1938 “The Big Cat and the Little Mousie” (Animator)
1938 “Hollywood Bowl” (Animator)
1938 “Sailor Mouse” (Animator)
1939 “Crackpot Cruise” (Animator)
1939 “The Birth of a Toothpick” (Animator)
1939 “Bola-Mola Land” (Animator)
1939 “Snuffy’s Part” (Animator)
1939 “Life Begins for Andy Panda” (Animator) – Not Credited
1939 ‘Scrambled Eggs” (Animator)
1940 “Knock Knock” (Animator) – Not Credited
1941 “Scrub Me Mamma with a Boogie Beat” (Animator) – Not Credited
1941 “Dizzy Kitty” (Animator) – Not Credited
1941 “$21 a Day a.k.a Once a Month” (Animator) – Not Credited
1942 “Mother Goose on the Loose” (Animator) – as “Mugsy Tipper”
1942 “The Loan Stranger” (Animator)
1946 “Cagey Bird” (Animator)
1948 “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” (Effects Animator and Supervisor)
1949 - 1950 “The Life of Riley”[Art Director (26 episodes), Animator
(1 episode), Commercial Art Director (1 episode)]
1955 “This Island Earth” (Effects Animator) – Not Credited
1956 “Woodpecker from Mars” (Effects Animator) – Not Credited
1958 “The Huckleberry Hound Show”
1958“Lion-Hearted Huck/Judo Jack/Slumber Party Smarty”
(Background Artist – segment 1958“Judo Jack”)
1958“Tricky Trapper/Kit Kat Kit/Pie-Pirates” (Background Artist – segment “Kit-Kat-Kit”), (Designer – segment “ Pie-Pirates)
1958“Sheriff Huckleberry/Pistol Packin’ Pirate/Foxy Hound-Dog”
(Background Artist – segment “Pistol Packin’ Pirate)


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