Fred Moore

Birth/Death: September 7, 1911 - November 23, 1952

Occupation/Title: One of the main animators at Disney.

Bio Summary: Moore became one of the big time animators at Disney. His first huge success while working with Disney was *Snow White*. He continued to work for Disney in his later years. But as all the animators kept improving their animation techniques, Moore did not keep improving. Because of this he succumbed to alcohol in order to relieve the tensions he felt in the studio.. But despite the alcoholism, he was still an employer of Disney. He died in a car crash with his wife. His wife was the one who was driving when the accident happened.

Early Life/Family: Moore was born in Los Angeles where he attended Polytechnic High School. He went to a few art classes at Chouinard Art Institute in exchange for janitorial work. Otherwise he did not have any formal art education, but was able to attain a job at Disney for his style and talent. A friend of his could not make it to an interview with Disney so Moore went in his place and was hired. Moore did not talk about his family often, but what is known is that he was married two times and had two daughters named Suzanne Moore and Melinda Moore. Both of his wives were named Virginia.

Education/Training: No prior art training.

Career Outline: Moore worked with Disney for most of his career. He briefly worked for Walter Lantz in 1946 for 2 years.

Comments On Style: “Fred Moore was Disney drawing.” –Marc Davis.

Influences: Moore drew a lot of influences from Ub Iwerk’s and the “Nine Old Men”.

Personality: Compared to his friends Ward Kimball and Walt Kelly, Moore was the more quieter and reserved between them.

Anecdotes: After the huge success of *Snow White*, a rat party that was also doubled as Walt’s birthday was initiated. Apparently Moore got so drunk that he fell out of a second story window in the hotel that was rented for the party.

Miscellaneous: Fred Moore was the one who redesigned Mickey Mouse. His design is still used today.

Santa's Workshop (1932)
The Three Little Pigs (1933)
Mickey Plays Papa (1934)
The Flying Mouse (1934)
Pluto's Judgement Day (1935)
The Golden Touch (1935)
Three Little Wolves (1936)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)
The Brave Little Tailor (1938)
Fantasia (1940)
The Pointer (1939)
All the Cats Join In (1946)
The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met (1946)
The Brave Engineer (1950)
Plutopia (1951)
R'Coon Dawg (1951)
Fathers are People (1951)
Pluto's Party (1952)
Pluto's Christmas Tree (1952)
The Simple Things (1953)

Honors: Annie Award: Winsor McCay Award 1983.

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