Fred Quimby

Birth: July 31, 1886
Death: September 16, 1965

Film and TV Producer

*Bio Summary*:

*Early Life/Family*
Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota


*Career Outline* Quimby began his career owning and managing a motion picture theatre in Montana and went on the work on the board of directors of Pathé. In 1924 he was hired as a producer by 20th Century Fox. In 1927 Quimby became head of short features at MGM studios. Ten years later, MGM established its animation department, appointing him head of the department.

In 1939, Quimby approved a series of cartoons by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera about a cat and a mouse. The Tom and Jerry films gained MGM great success, winning Quimby several Academy Awards as producer. Fred Quimby retired in 1955, leaving Hanna and Barbera to take over as co-heads of the Cartoon Department. (

*Comments On Style*


It is a general attitude among the animators of MGM that Quimby was a boring person and did not have much of a sense of humor. He had little to no knowledge of cartoons or animation and was more the businessman that mediated between the animators and the studio heads. It was this quality that allowed the department the artistic freedom to make Tom and Jerry.

*Anecdotes* Quimby hated the first Tom and Jerry cartoon (Tom was called Jasper in the film) until he got a letter from a Taxas thearter chain owner asking when are you making more of those cat and mouse films. Only after this letter did he support the creation of more Tom and Jerry cartoons.

The MGM animation staff, especially Joseph Barbera and William Hanna, despised Quimby when he was head of the animation department. They felt he was a useless bore who had no love or talent in the medium but still fought with the artists continually over their creative ideas. The fact that he always took the credit for the awards won for the cartoons was especially galling.


*(Source: IMDB)* Cartoon Alley (TV series documentary) (producer - original theatrical cartoons) 1955 Good Will to Men (short) (producer)
1955 Cellbound (short) (producer)
1955 Pecos Pest (short) (producer)
1955 Deputy Droopy (short) (producer)
1955 Smarty Cat (short) (producer)
1955 The First Bad Man (short) (producer)
1955 Tom and Chérie (short) (producer)
1955 Designs on Jerry (short) (producer)
1955 Mouse for Sale (short) (producer)
1955 Field and Scream (short) (producer)
1955 Pup on a Picnic (short) (producer)
1955 Southbound Duckling (short) (producer)
1954 Touché, Pussy Cat! (short) (producer)
1954 Dixieland Droopy (short) (producer)
1954 Pet Peeve (short) (producer)
1954 Downhearted Duckling (short) (producer)
1954 The Flea Circus (short) (producer)
1954 Neapolitan Mouse (short) (producer)
1954 Farm of Tomorrow (short) (producer)
1954 Mice Follies (short) (producer)
1954 Baby Butch (short) (producer)
1954 Bird-Brain Bird Dog (short) (producer)
1954 Homesteader Droopy (short) (producer)
1954 Sleepy-Time Squirrel (short) (producer)
1954 Little School Mouse (short) (producer)
1954 Billy Boy (short) (producer)
1954 Hic-cup Pup (short) (producer)
1954 The Impossible Possum (short) (producer)
1954 Drag-A-Long Droopy (short) (producer)
1954 Posse Cat (short) (producer)
1954 Puppy Tale (short) (producer)
1953 The Three Little Pups (short) (producer)
1953 Life with Tom (short) (producer)
1953 Half-Pint Palomino (short) (producer)
1953 Two Little Indians (short) (producer)
1953 Just Ducky (short) (producer)
1953 Wee-Willie Wildcat (short) (producer)
1953 T.V. of Tomorrow (short) (producer)
1953 Heir Bear (short) (producer)
1953 That's My Pup! (short) (producer)
1953 Little Johnny Jet (short) (producer)
1953 Cobs and Robbers (short) (producer)
1953 Jerry and Jumbo (short) (producer)
1953 Barney's Hungry Cousin (short) (producer)
1953 The Missing Mouse (short) (producer)
1952 Busybody Bear (short) (producer)
1952 The Dog House (short) (producer)
1952 The Little Wise Quacker (short) (producer)
1952 Cruise Cat (short) (producer)
1952 Caballero Droopy (short) (producer)
1952 Push-Button Kitty (short) (producer)
1952 Fit to Be Tied (short) (producer)
1952 Rock-a-Bye Bear (short) (producer)
1952 Little Runaway (short) (producer)
1952 One Cab's Family (short) (producer)
1952 Triplet Trouble (short) (producer)
1952 Smitten Kitten (short) (producer)
1952 The Duck Doctor (short) (producer)
1952 Magical Maestro (short) (producer)
1952 Johann Mouse (short) (producer)
1951 The Flying Cat (short) (producer)
1951 Droopy's Double Trouble (short) (producer)
1951 Cat Napping (short) (producer)
1951 Car of Tomorrow (short) (producer)
1951 Nit-Witty Kitty (short) (producer)
1951 Slicked-up Pup (short) (producer)
1951 His Mouse Friday (short) (producer)
1951 Symphony in Slang (short) (producer)
1951 Sleepy-Time Tom (short) (producer)
1951 Droopy's Good Deed (short) (producer)
1951 Jerry's Cousin (short) (producer)
1951 Daredevil Droopy (short) (producer)
1951 Jerry and the Goldfish (short) (producer)
1951 Cock-a-Doodle Dog (short) (producer)
1951 Casanova Cat (short) (producer)
1951 The Two Mouseketeers (short) (producer)
1950 The Peachy Cobbler (short) (producer)
1950 Cue Ball Cat (short) (producer)
1950 The Chump Champ (short) (producer)
1950 The Framed Cat (short) (producer)
1950 Garden Gopher (short) (producer)
1950 Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl (short) (producer)
1950 Safety Second (short) (producer)
1950 The Cuckoo Clock (short) (producer)
1950 Ventriloquist Cat (short) (producer)
1950 Jerry and the Lion (short) (producer)
1950 Texas Tom (short) (producer)
1950 Saturday Evening Puss (short) (producer)
1950 Little Quacker (short) (producer)
1949 The Counterfeit Cat (short) (producer)
1949 Out-Foxed (short) (producer)
1949 Tennis Chumps (short) (producer)
1949 Jerry's Diary (short) (producer)
1949 Little Rural Riding Hood (short) (producer)
1949 Love That Pup (short) (producer)
1949 Wags to Riches (short) (producer)
1949 Doggone Tired (short) (producer)
1949 The Cat and the Mermouse (short) (producer)
1949 The House of Tomorrow (short) (producer)
1949 Heavenly Puss (short) (producer)
1949 Señor Droopy (short) (producer)
1949 Hatch Up Your Troubles (short) (producer)
1949 Bad Luck Blackie (short) (producer)
1949 Goggle Fishing Bear (short) (producer)
1949 Polka-Dot Puss (short) (producer)
1948 The Cat That Hated People (short) (producer)
1948 Lucky Ducky (short) (producer)
1948 Mouse Cleaning (short) (producer)
1948 Half-Pint Pygmy (short) (producer)
1948 Professor Tom (short) (producer)
1948 The Bear and the Hare (short) (producer)
1948 Old Rockin' Chair Tom (short) (producer)
1948 Little 'Tinker (short) (producer)
1948 The Truce Hurts (short) (producer)
1948 What Price Fleadom (short) (producer)
1948 Kitty Foiled (short) (producer)
1948 The Bear and the Bean (short) (producer)
1948 The Little Orphan (short) (producer)
1947 King-Size Canary (short) (producer)
1947 The Invisible Mouse (short) (producer)
1947 Slap Happy Lion (short) (producer)
1947 A Mouse in the House (short) (producer)
1947 Uncle Tom's Cabaña (short) (producer)
1947 Salt Water Tabby (short) (producer)
1947 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse (short) (producer)
1947 Red Hot Rangers (short) (producer)
1947 The Cat Concerto (short) (producer)
1947 Hound Hunters (short) (producer)
1947 Part Time Pal (short) (producer)
1947 Cat Fishin' (short) (producer)
1946 Henpecked Hoboes (short) (producer)
1946 Northwest Hounded Police (short) (producer)
1946 Solid Serenade (short) (producer)
1946 Bikini, the Atom Island (documentary short) (producer)
1946 The Hick Chick (short) (producer)
1946 Trap Happy (short) (producer)
1946 The Milky Waif (short) (producer)
1946 Lonesome Lenny (short) (producer)
1946 Springtime for Thomas (short) (producer)
1945 Wild and Woolfy (short) (producer - uncredited)
1945 Quiet Please! (short) (producer)
1945 Swing Shift Cinderella (short) (producer)
1945 Flirty Birdy (short) (producer)
1945 Tee for Two (short) (producer)
1945 The Shooting of Dan McGoo (short) (producer)
1945 Jerky Turkey (short) (producer)
1945 Mouse in Manhattan (short) (producer)
1945 The Unwelcome Guest (short) (producer)
1945 The Mouse Comes to Dinner (short) (producer)
1945 The Screwy Truant (short) (producer)
1944 Barney Bear's 'Polar Pest' (short) (producer - uncredited)
1944 Big Heel-Watha (short) (producer - uncredited)
1944 Mouse Trouble (short) (producer)
1944 Puttin' on the Dog (short) (producer)
1944 Bear Raid Warden (short) (producer - uncredited)
1944 Happy-Go-Nutty (short) (producer)
1944 The Bodyguard (short) (producer)
1944 The Tree Surgeon (short) (producer)
1944 Batty Baseball (short) (producer - uncredited)
1944 The Million Dollar Cat (short) (producer)
1944 Screwball Squirrel (short) (producer)
1944 The Zoot Cat (short) (producer - uncredited)
1944 Innertube Antics (short) (producer - uncredited)
1943 What's Buzzin' Buzzard? (short) (producer)
1943 The Stork's Holiday (short) (producer)
1943 War Dogs (short) (producer - uncredited)
1943 One Ham's Family (short) (producer)
1943 The Uninvited Pest (short) (producer - uncredited)
1943 Who Killed Who? (short) (producer - uncredited)
1943 Baby Puss (short) (producer)
1943 The Yankee Doodle Mouse (short) (producer)
1943 Red Hot Riding Hood (short) (producer - uncredited)
1943 The Boy and the Wolf (short) (producer - uncredited)
1943 Dumb-Hounded (short) (producer)
1943 The Lonesome Mouse (short) (producer)
1943 Bah Wilderness (short) (producer)
1943 Sufferin' Cats! (short) (producer)
1942 Barney Bear's Victory Garden (short) (producer)
1942 Wild Honey, or, How to Get Along Without a Ration Book (short) (producer - uncredited)
1942 Fine Feathered Friend (short) (producer)
1942 The Early Bird Dood It! (short) (producer)
1942 Blitz Wolf (short) (producer - uncredited)
1942 The Bowling Alley-Cat (short) (producer)
1942 Bats in the Belfry (short) (producer)
1942 Little Gravel Voice (short) (producer - uncredited)
1942 Puss n' Toots (short) (producer)
1942 The Bear and the Beavers (short) (producer - uncredited)
1942 The First Swallow (short) (producer - uncredited)
1942 Dog Trouble (short) (producer)
1942 The Hungry Wolf (short) (producer - uncredited)
1942 Fraidy Cat (short) (producer)
1941 The Field Mouse (short) (producer - uncredited)
1941 The Night Before Christmas (short) (producer - uncredited)
1941 The Flying Bear (short) (producer - uncredited)
1941 The Rookie Bear (short) (producer - uncredited)
1941 Officer Pooch (short) (producer)
1941 Little Cesario (short) (producer)
1941 The Alley Cat (short) (producer)
1941 Dance of the Weed (short) (producer)
1941 The Midnight Snack (short) (producer)
1941 The Goose Goes South (short) (producer - uncredited)
1941 The Little Mole (short) (producer - uncredited)
1941 The Prospecting Bear (short) (producer - uncredited)
1941 Abdul the Bulbul Ameer (short) (producer - uncredited)
1940 Mrs. Ladybug (short) (producer - uncredited)
1940 The Lonesome Stranger (short) (producer - uncredited)
1940 Gallopin' Gals (short) (producer)
1940 The Homeless Flea (short) (producer - uncredited)
1940 Papa Gets the Bird (short) (producer - uncredited)
1940 Romeo in Rhythm (short) (producer)
1940 The Bookworm Turns (short) (producer - uncredited)
1940 The Milky Way (short) (producer - uncredited)
1940 Tom Turkey and His Harmonica Humdingers (short) (producer - uncredited)
1940 Swing Social (short) (producer)
1940 A Rainy Day with the Bear Family (short) (producer - uncredited)
1940 Home on the Range (short) (producer - uncredited)
1940 Puss Gets the Boot (short) (producer - uncredited)
1940 The Fishing Bear (short) (producer - uncredited)
1939 The Mad Maestro (short) (producer - uncredited)
1939 The Blue Danube (short) (producer)
1939 Peace on Earth (short) (producer - uncredited)
1939 One Mother's Family (short) (producer - uncredited)
1939 The Bookworm (short) (producer)
1939 Goldilocks and the Three Bears (short) (producer)
1939 The Bear That Couldn't Sleep (short) (producer - uncredited)
1939 Art Gallery (short) (producer - uncredited)
1939 The Little Goldfish (short) (producer)
1939 Jitterbug Follies (short) (producer - uncredited)
1939 Mama's New Hat (short) (producer - uncredited)
1939 Seal Skinners (short) (producer)
1939 Petunia Natural Park (short) (producer - uncredited)
1938 The Captain's Christmas (short) (producer - uncredited)
1938 The Honduras Hurricane (short) (producer)
1938 The Winning Ticket (short) (producer - uncredited)
1938 Buried Treasure (short) (producer)
1938 Old Smokey (short) (producer)
1938 The Pygmy Hunt (short) (producer)
1938 What a Lion! (short) (producer)
1938 A Day at the Beach (short) (producer)
1938 The Captain's Pup (short) (producer)
1938 Poultry Pirates (short) (producer - uncredited)
1938 Blue Monday (short) (producer - uncredited)
1938 Cleaning House (short) (producer - uncredited)


*Academy Awards*
1940 Winner Short Subjects (Cartoons) for *The Milky Way - Producer
1943 Winner Short Subjects (Cartoons) for *The Yankee Doodle Mouse - Producer
1944 Winner Short Subjects (Cartoons) for *Mouse Trouble - Producer
1945 Winner Short Subjects (Cartoons) for *Quiet Please! - Producer
1946 Winner Short Subjects (Cartoons) for *The Cat Concerto- Producer
1948 Winner Short Subjects (Cartoons) for *The Little Orphan - Producer
1951 Winner Short Subjects (Cartoons) for *The Two Mouseketeers - Producer
1952 Winner Short Subjects (Cartoons) for *Johann Mouse – Producer


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