Gary G. Shafer

probably before 1966? If at least 20 when working on *An American Tail*

Animation Checker, Painter, Cel Painter, Visual Effects

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His first job in the industry was in 1986, when he worked as a cel painter for *An American Tail. *Between 1988 and 1990 Shafer worked as a painter of main and additional animations on *The Little Mermaid, Mickey’s The Prince and the Pauper, Oliver & Company, *and *Who Framed Roger Rabbit. *In all the other films worked on, Shafer was an animation checker, including when he worked on the Florida Editorial Staff for *Beauty and the Beast *in 1991.

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The best checkers are generally patient and meticulous, as it is a time-consuming process but essential process. To be included as a checker on so many top-notch films, Shafer presumably had the eyes of a hawk, a collaborative spirit, and a high level of integrity and competency.



*Home on the Range* (2004)
*Treasure Planet* (2002)
*Atlantis: The Lost Empire* (2001)
*Fantasia 2000 *(1999)
Tarzan* (1999)
*Hercules *(1997)
*The Runaway Brain* (short) (1995)
*Pocahontas* (1995)
*The Lion King* (1994)
Trail Mix-Up* (short) (1993)
*Aladdin* (1992)
*Ferngully: The Last Rainforest *(1992)
* Beauty and the Beast *(1991)
* The Prince and the Pauper* (short) (1990)
*The Rescuers Down Under *(1990)
*The Little Mermaid* (1989)
*Oliver & Company *(1988)
*Who Framed Roger Rabbit*(1988)
*Superman IV: The Quest for Peace* (1987)
*An American Tail *(1986)


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