George H. Nicholas

Born on December 14, 1910
Died on November 23, 1996


Bio Summary:
He was born Vermillion, Ohio to Issac William and Frances Hatch. Family relocated to LA at the age of 10. Worked in construction prior to getting hired by Walt Disney (1931). Worked with many different companies throughout his career.

Early Life/Family:
George had 3 sisters and 1 brother. According to his daughter, George showed his artistic nature early in his life, by evening drawing in the empty spaces of his school books! He believed that being an artist he would not be able to make a living and worked in construction for a bit. He was married to Dorothy McMannamy Nicholas.

I could not find any information on education or formal training. All I found was that he saved up money and took drawing lessons every chance he got.

Career Outline:
Got hired by Walt Disney in 1931.

Comments On Style:

Looked up greatly to Chuck Jones his boss and was proud to have worked with him "Dad's best years as a creative artist were with Chuck Jones", said his daughter Donna Nicholas.

Very dedicated to his craft. If the director did not like the outcome of his drawings, he would go back to the drawing board, until he got it right.

He kept a lot of his work. Had over a 600-piece collection! One of the model sheets was a for a cartoon family named the "Gladstones." That was way before it ever became the ever so popular Flintstones. In August 2001, 159 pieces of his personal collection made it to 159 a nationwide tour called from Mickey to the Grinch: Art of the Animated film.

Nickname was "Nick." Worked with Walt Disney, Chuck Jones, William Hanna, Joseph Barbera and even Walter Lantz. Loved drawing animals.

Mickey Mouse Disco (short) (animator) 1980,
The White Seal (TV short) (master animator) 1975,
Yankee Doodle Cricket (TV movie) (master animator) 1975,
Rikki-Tikki-Tavi (TV short) (master animator) 1975,
A Very Merry Cricket (TV short) (master animator) 1973,
B.C.: The First Thanksgiving (TV movie) (animator) 1973,
The Cricket in Times Square (TV short) (animator) 1973,
A Christmas Carol (TV short) (associate artist) 1971,
The Cat in the Hat (TV short) (animator) 1971,
Snake in the Gracias (short) (animator) 1970,
Doctor Dolittle (TV series) (animator - 3 episodes)
The Barnyard Rumble (1970) (animator)
The Peanut Conspiracy (1970) (animator)
The Grasshoppers Are Coming, Hooray, Hooray! (1970) (animator)
The Phantom Tollbooth (supervising animator) 1970,
Horton Hears a Who! (TV short) (animator) 1970,
The Pogo Special Birthday Special (TV short)(animator) 1969
The New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (TV series) (animator - 4 episodes) (1968-1969)
Mission of Captain Mordecai (1969) (animator)
The Eye of Doorgah (1968) (animator)
The Last Labor of Hercules (1968) (animator)
The Little People (1968) (animator)
The Banana Splits Adventure Hour (TV series) (animator - 1 episode) 1968-1970
A Fair Day for Tooly (1969) (animator)
The Ruby Eye of the Monkey-God (short) (animator) 1969
Fantastic 4 (TV series) (animator - 1 episode) 1967
Galactus (1967) (animator)
Jack and the Beanstalk (TV movie) (animator) 1967
Space Ghost (TV series) (animator) 1966
The Man Called Flintstone (animator) 1966
Alice in Wonderland or What's a Nice Kid Like You Doing in a Place Like This? (TV movie) (animator) 1966
Roger Ramjet (TV series) (animator - 1965 / as Geo. Nicholas)
The Secret Squirrel Show (TV series) (animator) 1965
Jonny Quest (TV series) (animator - 6 episodes) 1964-1965
Terror Island (1965) (animator)
The Invisible Monster (1965) (animator)
Dragons of Ashida (1964) (animator)
Shadow of the Condor (1964) (animator)
The Curse of Anubis (1964) (animator)
Bear Knuckles (short) (animator) 1964
Bear Hug (short) (animator) 1964
Sheep Stealers Anonymous (short) (animator) 1963
Bunnies Abundant (short) (animator) 1962
The Flintstones (TV series) (animator - 20 episodes)
Bowling Ballet (1962) (animator)
Barney the Invisible (1962) (animator)
The Happy Household (1962) (animator)
Fred Flintstone: Before and After (1961) (animator)
Love Letters on the Rocks (1961) (animator)
The Yogi Bear Show (TV series) (animator - 2 episodes)
Yogi's Pest Guest/Lions Share Sheriff/All's Well That Eats Well
(1961) (animator - segment "Lions Share Sheriff")
Slap Happy Birthday/Cloak and Stagger/Horse Collared (1961)
(animator - segment "Slap Happy Birthday")
Catch Meow (short) (animator) 1961
Zoo Is Company (short) (animator) 1961
Two Faced Wolf (short) (animator) 1961
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color (TV series) (animator - 3 episodes)
The Coyote's Lament (1961) (animator)
At Home with Donald Duck (1956) (animator)
A Story of Dogs (1954) (animator)
The Huckleberry Hound Show (TV series) (animator - 5 episodes)
Nuts Over Mutts/Pied Piper Pipe/Which Witch Is Witch (1960)
(animator - segment "Which Witch Is Witch")
Spud Dud/High Jinks/Tricks and Treats (1960) (animator - segment "Spud Dud")
Snow White Bear/Pushy Cat/Wiki Waki Huck (1960) (animator - segment "Snow White Bear")
Papa Yogi/King Size Poodle/Somebody's Lion (1959) (animator)
Lullabye-Bye Bear/Rapid Robot/Grim Pilgrim (1959) (animator - segment "Lullabye-Bye Bear")
Quick Draw McGraw (TV series) (animator - 1 episode)
The Lyin' Lion/Laughing Guess/Fuss an' Feathers (1960) (animator)
How to Have an Accident at Work (short) (animator) 1959
Sleeping Beauty (character animator) 1959
Paul Bunyan (short) (animator) 1958
Lady and the Tramp (character animator) 1955
The Lone Chipmunks (short) (animator) 1954
How to Sleep (short) (animator) 1953
Football Now and Then (short) (animator) 1953
How to Dance (short) (animator) 1953
Father's Week-end (short) (animator) 1953
For Whom the Bulls Toil (short) (animator) 1953
Father's Day Off (short) (animator) 1953
How to Be a Detective (short) (animator) 1952
Two Weeks Vacation (short) (animator) 1952
Man's Best Friend (short) (animator) 1952
Hello Aloha (short) (animator) 1952
Father's Lion (short) (animator) 1952
No Smoking (short) (animator) 1951
Fathers Are People (short) (animator) 1951
Get Rich Quick (short) (animator) 1951
Plutopia (short) (animator) 1951
Cold Storage (short) (animator) 1951
Lion Down (short) (animator) 1951
Morris the Midget Moose (short) (animator) 1950
Camp Dog (short) (animator) 1950
Food for Feudin' (short) (animator) 1950
Puss Cafe (short) (animator) 1950
Wonder Dog (short) (animator) 1950
Cinderella (character animator) 1950
Pluto and the Gopher (short) (animator) 1950
Pluto's Heart Throb (short) (animator) 1950
Sheep Dog (short) (animator) 1949
Pluto's Sweater (short) (animator) 1949
Pluto's Surprise Package (short) (animator) 1949
Pueblo Pluto (short) (animator) 1949
Mickey and the Seal (short) (animator) 1948
Pluto's Fledgling (short) (animator) 1948
Cat Nap Pluto (short) (animator) 1948
Pluto's Purchase (short) (animator) 1948
Bone Bandit (short) (animator) 1948
Pluto's Blue Note (short) (animator) 1947
Mail Dog (short) (animator) 1947
Mickey's Delayed Date (short) (animator) 1947
Figaro and Frankie (short) (animator) 1947
Rescue Dog (short) (animator) 1947
Pluto's Housewarming (short) (animator) 1947
Bath Day (short) (animator) 1946
The Purloined Pup (short) (animator) 1946
In Dutch (short) (animator) 1946
Pluto's Kid Brother (short) (animator) 1946
The Legend of Coyote Rock (short) (animator) 1945
Canine Casanova (short) (animator) 1945
Dog Watch (short) (animator) 1945
First Aiders (short) (animator) 1944
Springtime for Pluto (short) (animator) 1944
Donald Duck and the Gorilla (short) (animator - uncredited) 1944
Pluto at the Zoo (short) (animator - uncredited) 1942
Canine Caddy (short) (animator) 1941
A Gentleman's Gentleman (short) (animator - uncredited) 1941
Pantry Pirate (short) (animator) 1940
The Sleeping Princess (short) (animator) 1939
Soup to Mutts (short) (animator) 1939
The Rabbit Hunt (short) (animator) 1938
Silly Seals (short) (animator) 1938
Feed the Kitty (short) (animator) 1938
The Rest Resort (short) (animator) 1937
The Stevedores (short) (animator) 1937
The Big Race (short) (animator) 1937
Gopher Trouble (short) (animator) 1936

In 1986, he was honored with 50 years of service to the cartoon industry at the Motion Picture Screen Cartoonist Guild Awards. (Golden Award)

He also get screen credit for the following: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Riki Tiki Tavi, and animated version of The Christmas Carol.

The Christmas Carol won an academy award in 1971.

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