Glenn McQueen

*Birth: Glenn John McQueen December 24, 1960
Death: October 29 2002

Supervising animator; Visual effects/animation

*Bio Summary*:
Went to Sheridan, Worked for PDI, moved to Pixar, died of melanoma

*Early Life/Family*:
He and his wife Terry, had a daughter. Glenn was previously married to Audrey Fleisher, a Creative Director in NYC

York Mills Collegiate Institute, graduated Sheridan College in 1985

*Career Outline*:
Computer Graphics Laboratory at New York Tech (6 years), FX house Pacific Data Images(Antz, Forces of Nature.) (4-5 years), Pixar in 1995

*Comments On Style*:
Credited with being the drive for the cinematic style that is now Pixar’s signature. Always put acting and character emotion before technical know-how. Known for his acting and timing.

John Lasseter

Co-workers described him as having a wicked sense of humor and also as “one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.”

Always put animating characters, acting, and emotion before anything else in a CGI setting. Software can be taught, “But to teach somebody what makes a good to make it to make a character seem to make a character appear to be thinking...self-motivated action... things like that are so much more difficult. Like how to communicate an emotion...”

McQueen quoted from a Disney press release circa 1999: "When I'm interviewing someone for a job, the last thing I ask is if they know how to use a computer. It's far more important to have people with a great sense of acting and timing and who know what's appealing. Those things are much more difficult to learn than how to use a computer."

2001* Monsters, Inc.* (supervising animator)
1999* Toy Story 2* (supervising animator)
1998* A Bug's Life* (supervising animator)
1995* Toy Story* (animator)
1991* The Last Halloween*

Presidential scholarship to N.Y.I.T.'s Computer Graphics Laboratory

*Bibliographic References*:

Animators Hall of Fame