Harry Love

Born April 1, 1911;
Died February 27, 1997 at 85 of a heart attack

Production Associate/Production Coordinator/Effects Animator/Production Supervisor/Animator

Bio Summary:
American animator who began his career at the Charles Mintz studio in 1931. By 1950 began receiving credit in Warner Bros Cartoons, usually as an effects animator. 1970’s, he worked mostly in film production up to his retirement after the Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat.

Early Life/Family:
Started at the Charles Mintz studio in New York in 1929 when he was 18 years old, then 3 years later moved to LA with Mintz.

I was unable to locate any information on education or training. Although Harry Love did start his career at Charles Mintz studio where he most likely was trained. Career Outline:
Began with Charles Mintz studio in 1929, then 3 years later started Screen Gems Studios with Mintz in LA an stayed there for 16 years as an animator and screen director. Later, he worked for Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Fritz Frelend and Hanna-Berber.

Comments On Style:
Flash-and-smoke explosions was the only hint at his artistic style.

One influence could quite possibly be Charles Mintz because he began his career with him. Otherwise, I was unable to find any information on this.

Known for friendships and support he gave to fellow artists – George Singer,

I found a story from June Foray, who was a voice actor. “She used to get Christmas cards from Harry long before she ever met him, or even knew who he was. She recalls that she “asked my husband, who was a screenwriter, ‘Do you know who Harry Love is?’ He said, “No, I never heard of him.” When I did finally meet him at Depatie Frelend, where he was a producer, I said, “How come you wrote to me all the time? And in his New York accent, he said ‘Because I thought you were beautiful.’ And after my husband died, he called me and we became friends after that.”

Maybe it was his porn actor sounding name working on his unconscious but women all talked about being uncomfortable around him and avoiding being alone with him if at all possible. The women I talked to who worked with him or for him all talk of a cheesy / creepy vibe.

At one studio he was like the office pimp for the boss always the one who would approach the new girls and tell them that the boss wanted to have a drink with them after work and it would be good for their careers to say yes.
He had a triple comb over in his later years, combing from both sides and the back.

“Part of his support he gave others were a series of short "Animation Profiles" he started to write in 1984 for *Graffiti,*ASIFA-Hollywood's magazine which I was then editing. It was not something assigned to him, rather it was something he wanted to do. He told me that his pieces, while not exactly great, were about people who should be better known. Admittedly, I was not at first very excited about his writing, but looking back today, these pieces remain remarkably fresh and informative. In fact, he very much reflected what his friend and sometime boss, Joe Barbera said about his professionalism.”

Miscellaneous Crew (123 titles)
1974 The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat (production associate)
1972 Frog Jog (short) (production coordinator)
1972 Pink 8 Ball (short) (production coordinator)
1971 Serape Happy (short) (production coordinator)
1971 Croakus Pocus (short) (production coordinator)
1971 Pink-In (short) (production coordinator)
1971 Gong with the Pink (short) (production coordinator)
1971 Psst Pink (short) (production coordinator)
1971 The Pink Flea (short) (production coordinator)
1971 Pink Pranks (short) (production coordinator)
1971 Cattle Battle (short) (production coordinator)
1971 Pink Tuba-Dore (short) (production coordinator)
1971 Pink Blue Plate (short) (production coordinator)
1971 A Fink in the Rink (short) (production coordinator)
1971 A Fly in the Pink (short) (production coordinator)
1971 A Leap in the Deep (short) (production coordinator)
1971 Fastest Tongue in the West (short) (production coordinator)
1971 The Egg and Ay-Yi-Yi! (short) (production coordinator)
1971 The Great Continental Overland Cross-Country Race (short) (production coordinator)
1971 From Bed to Worse (short) (production coordinator)
1971 Mud Squad (short) (production coordinator)
1971 Two Jumps and a Chump (short) (production coordinator)
1971 The Cat in the Hat (TV short) (production coordinator)
1971 Trick or Retreat (short) (production coordinator)
1971 Snake in the Gracias (short) (production coordinator)
1971 Rough Brunch (short) (production coordinator)
1970 Don't Hustle an Ant with Muscle (short) (production coordinator)
1970 A Dopey Hacienda (short) (production coordinator)
1970 The Froze Nose Knows (short) (production coordinator)
1970 Gem Dandy (short) (production coordinator)
1970 Doctor Dolittle (TV series) (production coordinator - 2 episodes)
– The Peanut Conspiracy (1970) (production coordinator)
– The Grasshoppers Are Coming, Hooray, Hooray! (1970) (production coordinator)
1970 Mumbo Jumbo (short) (production coordinator)
1970 War and Pieces (short) (production coordinator)
1970 Robin Goodhood (short) (production coordinator)
1970 Bridgework (short) (production coordinator)
1970 Never on Thirsty (short) (production coordinator)
1970 The Foul Kin (short) (production coordinator)
1970 Science Friction (short) (production coordinator)
1970 A Taste of Money (short) (production coordinator)
1970 Hop and Chop (short) (production coordinator)
1970 Ants in the Pantry (short) (production coordinator)
1970 Say Cheese, Please (short) (production coordinator)
1970 Odd Ant Out (short) (production coordinator)
1970 Goldilocks and the Three Bears (TV movie) (production coordinator)
1970 The Froggy Froggy Duo (short) (production coordinator)
1970 Scratch a Tiger (short) (production coordinator)
1969 Go for Croak (short) (production coordinator)
1969 Isle of Caprice (short) (production coordinator)
1969 A Pair of Greenbacks (short) (production coordinator)
1969 Dune Bug (short) (production coordinator)
1969 Never Bug an Ant (short) (production coordinator)
1969 A Pair of Sneakers (short) (production coordinator)
1969 The Pink Panther Show (TV series) (production coordinator)
1969 Here Comes the Grump (TV series) (production coordinator)
1969 Tijuana Toads (short) (production coordinator)
1969 Sweet and Sourdough (short) (production coordinator)
1969 Technology, Phooey (short) (production coordinator)
1969 Extinct Pink (short) (production coordinator)
1969 The Deadwood Thunderball (short) (production coordinator)
1969 Pink on the Cob (short) (production coordinator)
1969 In the Pink of the Night (short) (production coordinator)
1969 I've Got Ants in My Plans (short) (production coordinator)
1969 Carte Blanched (short) (production coordinator)
1969 Flying Feet (short) (production coordinator)
1969 Slink Pink (short) (production coordinator)
1969 The Ant from Uncle (short) (production coordinator)
1969 Think Before You Pink (short) (production coordinator)
1969 Hasty But Tasty (short) (production coordinator)
1969 The Ant and the Aardvark (short) (production coordinator)
1969 Pierre and Cottage Cheese (short) (production coordinator)
1969 Pink Pest Control (short) (production coordinator)
1969 Hurts and Flowers (short) (production coordinator)
1969 French Freud (short) (production coordinator)
1969 Pink-A-Rella (short) (production coordinator)
1968 Hawks and Doves (short) (production coordinator)
1968 The Pink Package Plot (short) (production coordinator)
1968 Pink Is a Many Splintered Thing (short) (production coordinator)
1968 Tickled Pink (short) (production coordinator)
1968 Little Beaux Pink (short) (production coordinator)
1968 Pink in the Clink (short) (production coordinator)
1968 Prehistoric Pink (short) (production coordinator)
1968 The Pink Pill (short) (production coordinator)
1968 Le Ball and Chain Gang (short) (production coordinator)
1968 La Feet's Defeat (short) (production coordinator)
1968 Pink Valiant (short) (production coordinator)
1968 Le Great Dane Robbery (short) (production coordinator)
1968 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Pink (short) (production coordinator)
1968 Cherche le phantom (short) (production coordinator)
1968 The Pink Quarterback (short) (production coordinator)
1968 Lucky Pink (short) (production coordinator)
1968 G.I. Pink (short) (production coordinator)
1968 Bear De Guerre (short) (production coordinator)
1968 Put-Put, Pink (short) (production coordinator)
1968 Come on In! The Water's Pink (short) (production coordinator)
1968 Transylvania Mania (short) (production coordinator)
1968 Les Miserobots (short) (production coordinator)
1968 Psychedelic Pink (short) (production coordinator)
1968 Pinkadilly Circus (short) (production coordinator)
1968 London Derrière (short) (production coordinator)
1968 Sky Blue Pink (short) (production coordinator)
1967 Pink Outs (short) (production coordinator)
1967 The Hand Is Pinker Than the Eye (short) (production coordinator)
1967 Prefabricated Pink (short) (production coordinator)
1967 Congratulations It's Pink (short) (production coordinator)
1967 Tour De Farce (short) (production coordinator)
1967 Super President (TV series) (production coordinator)
1967 Crow De Guerre (short) (production coordinator)
1967 Pinto Pink (short) (production coordinator)
1967 Le Cop on Le Rocks (short) (production coordinator)
1967 Le Escape Goat (short) (production coordinator)
1967 Pink Paradise (short) (production coordinator)
1967 Jet Pink (short) (production coordinator)
1967 Le Bowser Bagger (short) (production coordinator)
1967 Le Pig-Al Patrol (short) (production coordinator)
1967 In the Pink (short) (production coordinator)
1967 Le Quiet Squad (short) (production coordinator)
1967 Pink of the Litter (short) (production coordinator)
1967 Pink Posies (short) (production coordinator)
1967 Pink Panic (short) (production coordinator)
1967 Pinknic (short) (production coordinator)
1966 Toulouse La Trick (short) (production coordinator)
1966 Unsafe and Seine (short) (production coordinator)
1966 Super Pink (short) (production coordinator)
Visual Effects (46 titles)
Animation Department (25 titles)
Production Manager (20 titles)
Writer (7 titles)
Producer (1 title)
Special Effects (1 title)
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director (1 title)

In 1984, Harry love did win a Golden Award from the Motion Picture Screen Cartoonists Awards.

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Animators Hall of Fame