Harvey Franklin Toombs

*Birth/Death*: 1909- March 18 1968, 58 years old, State of Kansas

*Occupation/Title*: Animator

*Bio Summary*: grew up in a small town

*Early Life/Family*: Married to Leota Toombs, "She then transferred to the Animation Department where she met animator Harvey Toombs, whom she married in 1947." had two children Launie and Kim. Kim Irvine: (Toombs daughter and a Disney Imagineer since 1970, art director for disneyland, won thea award)

*Education/Training*: Artist at heart

*Career Outline*: "Upon hearing about Walt Disney’s new Animation studio in California, he sent a portfolio of his work and was accepted. He was active as an Animator on many films including, Fantasia, Dumbo, Victory through Air Power, The Three Caballeros, Make Mine Music, Song of the South, Fun and Fancy Free, Melody Time, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mister Toad, Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp, Cinderella, Alice In Wonderland, and Sleeping Beauty. As the Studio developed and began experimenting more with the live action films, other animation studios were springing up. After much consternation, Harvey took a leap of faith and went to work at the young Hannah Barbera studios and was extremely integral in the creation of Yogi the Bear, Quick Draw McGraw, The Flintstones and many other beloved characters. As animation became more and more of a transient industry, Harvey worked on many other productions for other animation companies too. The one I recall the most is the early Johnny Quest cartoons, which were a breakthrough in animation technology. "-kim Irvine disney animator from 1940-1962

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*Anecdotes/ Miscellaneous*: as told from his daughter Kim Irvine: "As his daughter, I admired his diligence and dedication to his craft. In those days, Studios had busy seasons when cartoon series were in production, then very slow seasons. When he was busy, he would work day and night to complete the assignments, setting up his animation table in our den. I recall how neat I thought it was to watch him flip the pages back and forth, and make funny faces in the little mirror attached to the table, in order to translate it onto the character. He was a rather introverted man, and I think he had fun bringing out his funnier side in his cartoons. He was always so excited when a new cartoon would come out, and we would make a special deal out of it and gather around the television to watch. When business was slow, he would often design exterior elevations of new homes for developments. As , although he was not an Architect, he was able to draw like one, which was quite a contrast to the cartoon type drawing he would normally do. As a cartoonist, he always saw the “ character” in everything. He would talk for all our animals in very funny and different voices, each one an exaggeration of their personality. And his imagination was so fascinating to me, always making up little stories about our pets or the woodland creatures that lived around us. ( our home was in a very undeveloped area of Glendale) I believe that these wonderful qualities are what made him such a great Cartoonist and Animator. As hobbies, he loved music. He. Along with several other Disney Animators, played in a band frequently and he was a master at flute, clarinet and saxophone. I have delightful memories of him playing for hours, switching instruments with ease. He also loved the old west and often on weekends would dress in western wear, complete with hat and boots. Being a tomboy, I found this particularly fun and we would go horseback riding together regularly"

*Filmography*: Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color (TV series) (animator - 2 episodes) 1955-1979
– Baseball Fever (1979) (animator)
– Man in Space (1955) (animator)
Spider-Man (TV series) (animator - 20 episodes) 1967-1968
– Sting of the Scorpion/Trick or Treachery (1968) (animator)
– To Catch a Spider/Double Identity (1968) (animator)
– Fountain of Terror/Fiddler on the Loose (1968) (animator)
– The Terrible Triumph of Dr. Octopus/Magic Malice (1967) (animator)
– The Vulture's Prey/The Dark Terrors (1967) (animator)
Jonny Quest (TV series) (animator - 7 episodes) 1964-1965
– The House of Seven Gargoyles (1965) (animator)
– Attack of the Tree People (1965) (animator)
– A Small Matter of Pygmies (1964) (animator)
– Double Danger (1964) (animator)
– The Robot Spy (1964) (animator)
The Magilla Gorilla Show (TV series) (animator) 1964
Snuffy Smith and Barney Google (TV series) (animator - 1 episode) 1963
– Snuffy's Turf Luck (1963) (animator)
Gay Purr-ee (animator) 1962
1961 Calvin and the Colonel (TV series) (supervising animator - 6 episodes)
– Money in the Closet (1961) (supervising animator)
– Sycamore Lodge (1961) (supervising animator)
– The Costume Ball (1961) (supervising animator)
– Thanksgiving Dinner (1961) (supervising animator)
– The Polka Dot Bandit (1961) (supervising animator)
1960 Popeye the Sailor (TV series) (animation director - 14 episodes,
1960) (animator - 1 episode, 1960)
– Around the World in Eighty Ways (1960) (animation director)
– Barbecue for Two (1960) (animator)
– Bell Hop Popeye (1960) (animation director)
– Bird Watcher Popeye (1960) (animation director)
– Coffee House (1960) (animation director)
1959 1001 Arabian Nights (animator)
1959 How to Have an Accident at Work (short) (animator)
1959 Donald in Mathmagic Land (short) (animator)
1959 Sleeping Beauty (character animator)
1955 Lady and the Tramp (character animator)
1954 Once Upon a Wintertime (short) (animator)
1953 Ben and Me (short) (animator)
1953 Melody (short) (animator)
1953 Peter Pan (character animator)
1951 Alice in Wonderland (character animator)
1951 Tomorrow We Diet! (short) (animator)
1950 Cinderella (character animator)
1949 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (character animator)
1949 The Wind in the Willows (short) (character animator)
1949 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (short) (animator)
1948 Melody Time (character animator)
1948 Johnny Appleseed (short) (animator)
1947 Fun & Fancy Free (character animator)
1946 Song of the South (animator)
1946 Make Mine Music (animator)
1945 Donald's Crime (short) (animator)
1945 The Cold-Blooded Penguin (short) (animator)
1944 The Three Caballeros (animator)
1944 Donald's Off Day (short) (animator)
1943 Home Defense (short) (animator)
1943 Victory Through Air Power (documentary) (animator)
1942 Saludos Amigos (animator - uncredited)
1942 Bambi (animator - uncredited)
1941 Dumbo (animator)
1941 The Reluctant Dragon (animator)
1940 Fantasia (animator - segment "Dance of the Hours")
1940 Pinocchio (animator - uncredited)


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