Ian Mackinnon


Puppet Maker, Animation Producer

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In 1988 he collaborated with Pete Saunders for the first time on a
stop-motion version of The Wind in the Willows. Since then the two have
teamed up to create one of the world’s leading puppet making studios,
Mackinnon & Saunders, which is based in Manchester. They have worked on
many successful stop-motion feature films including Corpse Bride and
Fantastic Mr. Fox. Other works include TV series and commercials.

*Comments On Style:*
Ian Mackinnon’s puppet making can only be described as meticulous and
sophisticated. After a design for the character is decided, a great deal of
detail is applied while modeling with clay. Because of the wear and tear
that happens with stop-motion animation, the character’s model is
dismantled into individual body parts that can be moulded into duplicates.

It is also important that the puppets are mechanically flexible for
animation. According to Mike Johnson, Tim Burton’s co-director for Corpse
Bride, "If you were to peel back the skin on one of these puppets, it would
look like the back of a watch. They're fully geared, so the animator can
put a little screwdriver in the ear hole and crank a gear that allows one
side of the mouth to come up."

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2012 – Frankenweenie
2011 – Raa Raa the Noisy Lion: A Time to be Quiet, a Time to Be Loud
2009 – Fantastic Mr. Fox
2008 – King Country
2007 – Frankenstein’s Cat
2006 – Adjustment
2005 – Corpse Bride
2002 – The Periwig-Maker
1996 – Mars Attack!
1995 – Operavox: Rigoletto
1994 – The Big Story
1993 – Opéra imaginaire
1991 – The Sandman
1990 – Next
1988 – The Wind in the Willows

(Note: As an entire studio equipped with a team, Mackinnon & Saunders are
credited for working on countless feature films, TV series, and
commercials. Because it is unclear what films Ian Mackinnon has worked on
personally, this filmography only includes what is listed on his IMDB page)

2013 – BAF Lifetime Achievement Award
2006 – Ub Iwerks Award for technical achievement on Corpse Bride
Films he has worked on including Corpse Bride and Fantastic Mr. Fox have
also received numerous awards for Best Feature Film, etc.

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