Jack King

Born: 1895
Died: 1958

Animator; director; sequence director

Bio Summary
Born in Alabama in the year 1895. He became an animator and director over the course of his life, working at such studios as International Film Service, Warner Bros., and Disney. After a vast career, spanning nearly two decades, King retired in 1948. He died ten years later in 1958.

Early Life/Family


Career Outline:
Jack King’s career began at William Randolph Hearst’s International Film Service in New York during the mid to late teens. There he animated on series based on popular comic strips that appeared in Hearst’s newspapers. When IFS was shut down following World War I, many of the animators were relocated to Bray Studios, who inherited the IFS cartoon series. King began directing films based on some of these strips. In the mid-twenties, he directed the short *The New Champ* using the Krazy Kat character, with M. J. Winkler as a producer. By 1929, Jack King had relocated to the West Coast and was working for Walt Disney Productions, working as an animator on the Silly Symphonies and some of the early Mickey Mouse cartoons. He also was an animator on award winning shorts such as Flowers and Trees and Three Little Pigs. He went to work for Warner Bros. in 1933, where he continued his work as an animator under Earl Duvall. At Warner Bros, he animated primarily on cartoons starring Buddy. 1934 saw King’s promotion to director on the Buddy cartoons after Duvall was fired because of a drunken dispute with Leon Schlesinger. In 1935, he continued working on the Buddy cartoons, but also animated on *I Haven’t Got a Hat, *which introduced new characters such as Beans, Ham and Ex, and an early Porky Pig. King would go on to direct cartoons using these characters throughout his stint at Warner Bros. Jack King returned to Disney in 1936. Upon his return, Jack was named one of the main directors of Donald Duck cartoons. Occasionally, he would also work as a sequence director for features, such as Pinocchio, The Three Caballeros, and The Adventures of Mr. Toad. Jack King retired in 1948.

Comments On Style:
Many of his cartoons have darker tendencies in their stories.





The Wind in the Willows Character Animator
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad Sequence Director
The Trial of Donald Duck Director
Melody Time Sequence Director
Donald’s Dream Voice Director
Drip Dippy Donald Director
Wide Open Spaces Director
Donald’s Dilemma Director
Sleepy Time Donald Director
Dumb Bell of the Yukon Director
Make Mine Music Sequence Director
Wet Paint Director
Donald’s Double Trouble Director
Old Sequoia Director
Cured Duck Director
Donald’s Crime Director
The Clock Watcher Director
The Three Caballeros Sequence Director
The Plastics Inventor Director
Commando Duck Director
Contrary Condor Director
Donald Duck and the Gorilla (uncredited) Director/Animator
Trombone Trouble Director
Home Defense Director
The Old Army Game Director
Fall Out-Fall In Director
The Spirit of ’43 (uncredited) Director
Bellboy Donald Director
Sky Trooper Director/Animator
The Vanishing Private Director
Saludos Amigos Sequence Director
Donald Gets Drafted (uncredited) Director
Donald’s Snow Fight (uncredited) Director
Chef Donald (uncredited) Director
Dumbo Sequence Director
Old MacDonald Duck Director
Truant Officer Donald Director
Early to Bed Director
Timber Director
Fire Chief Director
Window Cleaners Director
Donald’s Vacation Director
Mr. Duck Steps Out (uncredited) Director
Donald’s Dog Laundry Director
Pinocchio Sequence Director 1939
The Autograph Hound Director
Donald’s Penguin Director
Donald’s Cousin Gus Director
The Hockey Champ Director
Donald’s Lucky Day (uncredited) Director
Donald’s Golf Game Director
Good Scouts Director
Donald’s Nephews (uncredited) Director
Donald’s Better Self (uncredited) Director
Self Control (uncredited) Director
Donald’s Ostrich (uncredited) Director
Modern Inventions Director
Porky’s Moving Day Director
Porky’s Pet Director
Shanghaied Shipmates Director
Fish Tales Director
Westward Whoa Director
The Fire Alarm (uncredited) Director
Alpine Antics Director
Boom Boom (uncredited) Director
The Phantom Ship (uncredited) Director
1935 Broken Toys Animator
Hollywood Capers Director
A Cartoonist’s Nightmare Director
Buddy the Gee Man Director
Buddy Steps Out Director
Buddy’s Bug Hunt Director
Buddy’s Lost World Director
I Haven’t Got a Hat Animator
Buddy the Dentist Animator
Viva Buddy Director
Buddy’s Circus Director
Buddy the Woodsman Director
Buddy the Detective Director
Buddy’s Bearcats Director
Beauty and the Beast Animator
Buddy’s Garage Animator
Buddy and Towser Animator
Honeymoon Hotel Animator
Pettin’ in the Park Animator
Buddy the Gob Animator
Sittin’ on a Backyard Fence Animator
Buddy’s Show Boat Animator
Buddy’s Beer Garden Animator
I’ve Got to Sing a Torch Song Animator
Buddy’s Day Out (uncredited) Animator
Mickey’s Gala Premiere Animator
Three Little Pigs Animator
Birds in the Spring Animator
The Mad Doctor Animator
Santa’s Workshop Animator
Babes in the Woods Animator
Bugs in Love Animator
The Whoopee Party Animator
King Neptune Animator
Trader Mickey Animator
Flowers and Trees Animator
Just Dogs Animator
Mickey in Arabia Animator
The Duck Hunt (uncredited) Animator
The Bears and Bees Animator
The Bird Store Animator
Mickey’s Orphans Animator
Mickey Cuts Up Animator
The Beach Party Animator
The Fox Hunt Animator
The Clock Store Animator
Blue Rhythm Animator
The Busy Beavers Animator
The China Plate Animator
Mother Goose Melodies Animator
Traffic Troubles Animator
Birds of a Feather Animator
The Birthday Party Animator
Playful Pan Animator
Pioneer Days (uncredited) Animator
Winter Animator
Monkey Melodies Animator
The Chain Gang Animator
Midnite in a Toy Shop Animator
Arctic Antics Animator
The Fire Fighters Animator
Frolicking Fish (uncredited) Animator
Night Animator
Cannibal Capers Animator
The New Champ Director/Animator
Too Much Pep Director
Why Change Your Husband Director
Kiss Me Director

Director of three Academy Award nominated animated shorts: Good Scouts (1938), Truant Officer Donald (1941), and Donald’s Crime (1945)
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