Jeff Brewer

Born in Atlanta Georgia, 1954


Digital and Practical Model Maker/Modeler

Bio Summary:
Born in Atlanta Georgia in 1954, he builds models in youth, painting them,
and later constructing his own model kits. He begins playing the drums
around age twelve and plays professionally for fifteen years until a
friend convinces him to apply to work for a toy company. There he works for
a couple years mixing paint. Three years later he joins the crew behind The
Nightmare Before Christmas and paints the replaceable heads on Jack and
Sally, as well as creating armatures for secondary and tertiary characters
like Zero the dog and The Mayor. He moves through the pipeline and creates
military props for the end scenes of the film. He later creates props for
James and the Giant Peach after freelancing at toy company for a year.

A year after James and the Giant Peach he is employed at Industrial Light
and Magic where he works for eight years. There he learns AutoCAD, Rhino
software, and using laser cutters. He then moves to Disney's Digital model
shop where he creates foam core models, which help the digital art
department visualize set pieces in a digital, three dimensional medium.

From here he moves to Laika studios in Portland, Oregon, working on props
as they transferred between the 3d printing department, to the prop
department where they are painted and finished.

Now he works on personal enterprise, creating vintage model
rockets for display.

Early Life/Family:
He completes model kits, took it further, painted models after, built kits
Becomes a drummer between twelve and thirteen years old

Drummed professionally for fifteen years

Two-year music degree

Career Outline:
He is a drummer for fifteen years then took on a couple entry level jobs in Galled toy company mixing paint for three years.
He replaces laid off worker on The Nightmare Before Christmas
Works painting the replaceable heads of Jack, then Sally, moves around within studio, works on creating armatures for secondary and tertiary characters like The Mayor and Zero
Towards the end of production in prop department he makes props (military canons, and the "real world" areas) for four to five months
Spends a year freelancing at another toy company
He works on James and the Giant Peach creating props for a year and a half
Then applied to Industrial Light and Magic, and hired on, worked there for 8 years, learns AutoCAD, Laser cutters, and Rhino
He moved on to Disney digital model shop, creating foam core models to give an idea of what a piece would look like in 3d, learns Maya
Works at Laika on ParaNorman props, going between the prop department and the traditional model shop Works on private business creating vintage rocket models for trade shows and product design.
Has worked there for past 10 years

Comments On Style:
30's 40's retro
He emphasizes a need for characters to work physically, creating outdoor and indoor settings and imaginary landscapes

Influences: Retro:
1930's 40's rocket design



His favorite project is Nightmare Before Christmas because of the new,
strange environment and the learning experience it provided

1993: "The Nightmare Before Christmas" (Model Maker, Character Fabricator)
1996: "James and The Giant Peach" (Model Maker)
1996: "Star Trek: First Contact" (Model Maker ILM)
1997: "Men in Black" (Model Maker, Saucer crash miniature and blue screen light)
1997: "Starship Troopers" (Model Maker: ILM)
1998: "Deep Impact" (Model Maker: ILM)
1998: "Possums" (Property Master)
1999: "Star Wars: Episode I-The Phantom Menace"(Model Maker: ILM)
2001: "Jurassic Park III" (Model Maker: ILM)
2005: "xXx: State of the Union" (Model Maker: ILM)
2011: "Mars Needs Moms" (Concept Model Maker)
2012: "ParaNorman" (CG Modeler)


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