Jennifer Cardon-Klein

Born 1977-

∑ She has been an animator, a storyboard artist, and an independent director/producer

*Bio Summary:*

*Early Life/Family*
∑ Born in Garden Grove, CA to a Dutch-Indo father and American mother. Mother was very supportive of her artistic ability and enrolled her into photography and painting courses at a very young age. Cardon-Klien realized she wanted to animate at the age of 8 after repeatedly watching Robin Hood and being mesmerized by it.

∑ During High School, she enrolled in an after school class called Rowland Animation. In it, high-schoolers created short films using 2D traditional techniques and Claymation. She was in it from 10th grade to 12th grade and made one film a year. After creating a portfolio of films and work she created in high school, she was accepted into an apprenticeship at Warner Bros Feature Animation.

*Career Outline:*
∑ Worked on a few major films as an animator with Warner Bros, Disney, and Dreamworks
∑ Switched roles from animator to an independent director/producer in the mid-2000s
∑ She now produces, animates, and directs short films for children independently

*Comments on Style:*
∑ For all of her career, she has worked under other art directors and as a result, doesnít claim a style of her own. Even as a director or producer, she has other art directors dictating the look and feel of her films.

∑ Films/Shorts/Comics: *Robin Hood*, *Ben and Me*, *Bambi*, *All the Cats Join In*, *Calvin and Hobbes*

∑ People: Joe Grant, Mark Henn, , Fred Moore, Milt Kahl, Bill Peet, Richard Scarry

∑ Extremely nice and courteous, apologized profusely about the time it took to respond to my emails

∑ Seems like a family-first person, made sure to mention that it was her children that caused delays in interviewing

∑ Very interested in independent animation, especially 2D.

∑ Converted her living room into a full-on production studio for her personal work

∑ Was often the youngest person working at many studios early in her career, was animating in *Emperorís New Groove* at age 23.

∑ The school in which Jennifer got her training, Rowland High School, is where she met her future husband, Bert Klein, who is currently with Disney Animation Studios and also attended the Rowland Animation program. They have two young children.

? *Filmography:*
1996 *Space Jam* (animator)
1998 *Quest for Camelot* (animator)
1999 *The Iron Giant *(animator)
2000 *The Road to El Dorado* (animator)
2000 *The Emperorís New Groove* (animator)
2003 *Boys Night Out* (producer)
2004 *Home on the Range* (animator)
2004 *One by One* (animator)
2007 *The Chestnut Tree* (producer) 2009 *Pups of Liberty* (director, producer, actress, lead animator, storyboard artist)


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