*Animator: Joanne Coughlin*


*Occupation/Title:* Joanne was a Rough In-between Artist, Animator, and Clean up Artist throughout the 1990’s, and is now a Muralist in fine art.

*Bio Summary: *Joanne Coughlin grew up in Milton Massachusetts and studied Fine Arts at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. After studying art in college she landed her first internship at Warner Brothers Feature Animation where she then was hired in their animation department. Her first feature work was working as an In-between Artist in the 1996 live action/animation film Space Jam. A couple years after she worked in the United States division as a Rough In-between Artist for Warner Brothers feature Quest for Camelot in 1998. The feature after that she moved up to work as an Animator for Brad Bird’s cult classic animated film called The Iron Giant also released by Warner Brothers Feature Animation. Her next animation credit in the industry was working as a Character Cleanup artist for the animated television series called The Oblongs in 2001 but for only three episodes. In the year 2000 her final work in the animation department was uncredited in Disney’s The Tigger Movie. Joanne decided to return to Boston after working in Los Angeles to start her mural business. She paints murals at childrens hospitals, and local marketplaces in the Boston area. Every year Joanne donates one mural to a childrens organization, and also makes life-sized decals to stick onto walls. The murals she mainly paints are of caricatured animals that are designed to appeal to the children she paints for. At this point in her career she hopes to give her work a license so that she can illustrate her first book consisting of her caricatured animals.

*Early Life/Family: *Joanne grew up in Milton Massachusetts.

*Education/Training:* Joanne studied Fine Art at the University of Massachusetts, and was trained at the Warner Brothers internship program for hand drawn animation.

*Career Outline:* Joanne spent 10 years working at Warner Brothers Feature Animation department, and three episodes on The Oblongs.

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*Filmography: *
1996 Space Jam, Warner Bros Feature Animation. (Inbetween Artist)
1998 Quest for Camelot, Warner Bros Feature Animation. (Rough Inbetweener)
1999 The Iron Giant, Warner Bros Feature Animation. (Animator, Rough Inbetweener)
2001 The Oblongs, Warner Bros Television. (Character Cleanup-3 Episodes)
-My Name is Robbie (2001)
-Please Be Genital (2001)
-Heroine Addict (2001)

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