Johan Klingler (also goes by Johan Anton Klingler)


Animator, Layout Artist, Art Director, Special Effects, Storyboard Artist, CG Workbooking, CG Matte Painting, CG Camera

Bio Summary:
Johan was interested in animation from a very young age. After studying at Michigan State University, he realized his passion in full. Johan worked hard throughout his schooling, not feeling he was exactly at the level needed, but continuing to work hard and was determined to succeed. Johan is very involved and active in the industry, most notably having worked with Chuck Jones and helping put on his last speech, and even putting together the first Kubert School reunion. He has been in the industry for over 30 years and continues exploring and learning in his field.

Early Life/Family:
Johan met his wife, Norma, while working on Beauty and the Beast. They married soon after and worked on a writing/illustration partnership. They are well known as an animation/illustration duo.

- Hunterdon Central Vocational School (Certificate, Architectural Drafting and Design)
- Morris County Community College (Certificate, Graphic Design/Motion Graphics and Illustration)
- Joe Kubert School of cartooning and graphic design (Certificate, Animation and Cartooning)
- Greg Hildebrandt (Apprenticeship, Composition and Illustration)
- Michigan State University (Certificate, concentrated study in wildlife illustration)
- Chuck Jones (Mentorship/Apprenticeship. Private Study, Directing comedy in animation)
- California Institute of the Arts (Certificate, Character animation and CG animation)
- Jack Hannah (Apprenticeship, Directing and directing the composition)
- DMI Alias/Wavefront (Certificate, Maya/Power Animator cinematography)
- Disney University (Certificate, Advanced Maya training in cinematography)
- Boston School of Children's Literature (Certificate, Comparative literature and creative writing)
- The American Film Institute (Certificate, Directing and theatrical production)
- Screen Cartoonist Union Local 839 School (Certificate, Character animation and design)
- University of Southern California (BA, Live action production director)
- Independent Study of Maquette Design (Apprenticeship. Design in super sculpey)
- Art Center College of Design (Certificate, Directing and theatrical production)
- Florida Atlantic University (Master Fine Art degree, Computer science and CG animation)

Career Outline:
“Johan began his career as an illustrator progressing to work at DC and Marvel comics. He has worked as Art Director and Director on over 21 productions and has worked on video games for Xbox, PS2 and Xbox 360 as an Art Director. Johan has worked for companies like Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal, and Kroyer films to name a few on 54 Feature Productions, 269 Commercials and 7 Video Games. “ – IMDB

Comments On Style:

Bambi really had a huge impact on Johan's decision to go into animation, along with Greg Hildebrandt, Walt Sturrock and Frank Frezetta.

While not noted as an influence, Milt Neil did have an impact on pushing Johan in his schooling. Milt didn't feel Johan would make the cut, but after proving him wrong, Milt was extremely satisfied and gave him a gold Mickey pin. Even Chuck Jones was a similar experience. To be in the presence of a god, to show Chuck his work, and to speak with him, was a great honor that helped fuel Johan's passion for animation.

“Very compassionate, thorough and time efficient...” – Norma Klingler on Linkedin

He was very involved and worked at the Kubert School bookstore, along with putting together the reunion. – Larry Loc

Seems like a very kind man and although he could not do an interview, he did wish me well on my future endeavors.



- 1985 - “Fright Night” (special effects)
- 1988 - “Peewee's Playhouse” (animator) [Reba Eats and Pterri Runs]
- 1988 - “Willow” (special effects)
- 1990 - “The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera” (animator/assistant animator)
- 1990 - “Total Recall” (special effects)
- 1990 - “The Rescuers Down Under” (assistant animator)
- 1991 - “Rock-A-Doodle” (assistant animator)
- 1991 - “Beauty and the Beast”(assistant animator)
- 1992 - “FernGully: The Last Rainforest” (key assistant animator)
- 1992 - “Aladdin” (assistant animator)
- 1992 - “General George Washington” (storyboard artist)
- 1993 - “Jurassic Park” (animator)
- 1993 - “Thomas Edison and the Electric Light” (storyboard artist)
- 1993 - “Benjamin Franklin: Scientist and Inventor” (storyboard artist)
- 1993 - “Marsupilami” (animator) [Working Class Mars/King of the Beach/The Hairy Ape]
- 1994 - “Thumbelina” (assistant animator)
- 1994 - “The Lion King (assistant animator)
- 1994 - “A Troll in Central Park” (assistant animator)
- 1995 - “Alexander Graham Bell” (storyboard artist)
- 1995 - “Earthworm Jim” (storyboard artist) [Assault and Battery, Conquerer Worm]
- 1996 - “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” (layout artist)
- 1996 - “Pinky and the Brain” (storyboard artist) [Around the World in 80 Narfs, Snowball]
- 1996 - “Harriet Tubman” (storyboard artist)
- 1996 - “Hellen Keller” (storyboard artist)
- 1996 – The Wright Brothers (storyboard artist)
- 1997 - “The Beautician and the Beast” (assistant animator)
- 1999 - “Tarzan” (key assistant layout artist)
- 2002 - “Treasure Planet” (layout artist)
- 2003 - “The Haunted Mansion” (pre production designer)
- 2004 - “Men of Valor” (art director: animation/visual, art director: art team)
- 2004 - “Fat Albert” (layout artist)
- 2004 - “Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed” (development artist)
- 2005 - “Tarzan II” (layout artist)
- 2005 - “Renart the Fox (storyboard artist)
- 2006 - “Curious George” (workbook layout artist)
- 2006 - “The Ant Bully” (CG workbooking/matte painting, workbook supervisor)
- 2009 - “The Princess and the Frog” (layout artist)

- New Jersey, Hunterdon County, Illustrator's Award for Wildlife Illustration 1980. -

Comico Scholarship in Sequential Storytelling of 1983 again in 1984, 1985 and 1986 -

CALARTS Disney Scholarship for outstanding Animators 1989, 1990, 1991 -

CG achievement award in most outstanding Computer Generated Cinematography for camera in "Tarzan". -

U.S.C. Production award of 5 Camera Sitcom Directing Production. -

Responsible Film Directing Scholarship. -

Ai Recognition Award for outstanding I.D.E.A. Scores for Consecutive Terms over 5 yrs.

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