Jorgen Klubien


Director, Screenwriter, Storyboard Artist, Animator, Designer, Writer, Musician (The Weepies)

Bio Summary:
A native of Copenhagen, Denmark, Jorgen Klubien has worked in both music and animation. He haso earned US citizenship.

Early Life/Family:
Played the drums in bands

Danish Design School, CalArts

Career Outline:
Worked at Disney and Pixar for several years.

Comments On Style:

Ub Iwerks, Ted Sears, Carl Barks, Bill Peet, Fred Moore, Milt Kahl, John Lounsberry

Nice, understanding, passionate, hard working



1981 - Dansk melodi grand prix (Acting as Himself)
1981- Peter-No-Tail (Animator)
1982- Dansk melodi grand prix (Acting as himself)
1983- Otto Is a Rhino (Animator)
1985- "ABC Weekend Specials: The Bollo Caper (#8.2)" (Animator)
1985- Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure (Cel Animator)
1986- An American Tail (Additional Animator)
1987- The Chipmunk Adventure (Animator) [Uncredited]
1988- Oliver & Company (Character Animator)
1989- The Little Mermaid (Character Animator)
1990- The Rescuers Down Under (Character Animator)
1993- The History of a Wonderful World (Animator/Storyboard artist)
1993- “Thomas og Tim” (Writer)
1993- The Nightmare Before Christmas (Additional Character Designer/Storyboard Artist)
1994- The Lion King (Writer)
1995- "Husk lige tandbørsten: Lankawi eller Lolland (#1.1)" (Acting as himself)
1995- Pocahontas (Writer/Additional story development)
1996- James and the Giant Peach (Storyboard artist)
1997- "Troldspejlet: Troldspejlet special: Troldspejlet i USA (#17.1)” (Acting as himself)
1998- Little Wooden Boy (Writer/ Director/Voice Actor/ Producer)
1998- Mulan (Writer/Additional story material)
1998- A Bug’s Life (Story artist/Storyboard artist/ writer)
1999- Toy Story 2 (Additional Storyboard artist)
2001- Monster’s Inc. (Additional storyboarding)
2003- “My True Self” (Composer of intro music and jingle)
2004- Musik og bøgetræer i 25 år (Acting as himself)
2005- The Sun King (Soundtrack)
2005- Moongirl (Storyboard artist)
2006- Curious George (Storyboard artist)
2006- Cars (Additional Storyboarding/Writer/Screenplay)
2010- How to Train Your Dragon (Additional Story artist) [uncredited]
2010- Shrek Forever After (Additional storyboard artist)
2011- "Til middag hos...: Oliver Bjerrehus (#3.9)" (Acting as himself)
2011-"Til middag hos...: Jørgen Klubien (#3.10)" (Acting as himself)
2011-"Til middag hos...: Allan Tornsbjerg (#3.11)" (Acting as himself)
2011- "Til middag hos...: Malena Belafonte (#3.12)" (Acting as himself)
2012- Frankenweenie (Storyboard artist)


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