Subject: Joshua ‘Hat’ Lieberman

Born in 1987

Storyboard Artist

*Bio Summary*
Joshua Lieberman, known by his nickname ‘Hat,’ is a Canadian storyboard artist that currently works at Blue Sky studio on their feature productions. According to his blog, “I dropped out of school and moved to California to pursue my dreams of writing and boarding for animation.” Josh is a passionate person for the field of animation and continues to pursue the industry with delight.

*Early Life/Family*

Josh studied story art during his time as an intern at Cartoon Network on “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends” and received feedback on his work from the cast including Craig McCracken and Ben Balisteri. He would try out character designs, movement, layout, and storyboarding for various shows/shorts to test out how the shots would work.

*Career Outline:*
Josh began working in animation as an intern at Cartoon Network for “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends” followed by interning at DreamWorks on “How to Train Your Dragon.”

After his days as an intern, Josh began working at Cartoon Network on “The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack” as a Storyboard Revisionist from 2009-2010. While at Cartoon Network, Joey Giardina and Josh created a short together as part of the Cartoon Network project, “The Cartoonstitute.” The short was about a leprechaun, named Khan, and a giant platypus, named Manny, respectively, and their game to grab a ball from a patch of grass while pretending it’s lava.

Josh established himself on the internet under the name “Hat” as he wrote an online comic series about one person’s journey to (as he calls it) “the world of gay.” His series grabbed attention on the microblogging world of tumblr with a following that asks for more, but Josh is comfortable that it had reached an end.

Josh moved from Burbank, California to pursue work at Blue Sky Studios (which is based in Greenwich, Connecticut).

*Comments On Style:*
His style is simplistic, but carries nice design much like and sometimes reminiscent of Spumco.

Josh has an incredible interest in animation. He enjoys the shorts Tex Avery directed, the works of and Craig McCracken, and some of the great people in animation history such as Max Fleischer, Frank Tashlin, and Michael Lah.

Josh is a fun guy that cares for the well being of others. He enjoys animation and anything that falls under the art category. The YouTube channel and tumblr account he runs is used a platform for artists and to reach out as a supportive member of the LGBTQ audience. He is very open about his sexuality as his social media webpages were a means for him to come to terms of it and would like that to be a guide for any youths that feel lost of helpless.


· Josh used to upkeep an art blog which he would share his artwork, some life stories, and notes on storyboarding.


· These days he runs his microblog on tumblr titled, “Adventures in Gay”


· Along with a YouTube channel with the same title, “Adventures in Gay”


· He’s also runs a twitter account


· There’s a facebook account:


· Josh sells his own art and material.


· He had a small book published which was a collection of thoughts that he’s had over the years.


*Filmography: *
· 2016 “Ice Age 5” (Story Artist)
· 2014 “Penguins of Madagascar”
· 2013 “Epic” (Story Artist)
· 2013 “Free Birds” (Story Artist)
· 2012 “Madagascar 3”
· Penguins Movie
· 2009 “The Awesome Chronicles of Manny and Khan” (Co-Creator)
· 2009-2010 “The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack” (Storyboard revisionist)


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