Jules Engel


Born in Budapest on March 11, 1909
Died in Simi Valley, CA on September 6, 2003

Animator, Painter, Educator, Director, Producer, Designer

Bio Summary
Jules Engel was a Jewish-Hungarian American animator, painter, educator, director, producer, and designer. He is most recognized for his part in creating the Experimental Animation Program at Cal Arts.
Early Life/Family
Engel emigrated from Budapest to Chicago when he was thirteen years old. In Oak Park, Illinois, he went to Evanston Township High School. He was a track star, but was working with abstract art in his art courses.

Engel studied at the Chouinard Art Institute of Los Angeles. He did work for Disney, UPA, and the Motion Picture Unit.

Career Outline
He first started working under Charles Mintz Studios. Soon after, he worked on Fantasia and Bambi at Walt Disney Studios. During World War 11, Engel was recruited by the Air Force and worked in the Motion Picture Unit, creating training videos and drawing instructions for new weapons. After the war, he was one of the co-founders of UPA and worked as a background artist. In 1959, he launched Format Films and produced several television series. In 1962, Engel moved to Paris to direct some animations and a live-action film. In 1970, he founded the Experimental Animation program at Cal Arts

Comments On Style
His style is based more on design and the feeling it conveys. Engel uses lots of movement, lines, shapes and color to create interest,

Picasso, Kandinsky, Klee

Jules Engel is known to be very generous and gracious. Engel truly loved to teach and inspire others. As an educator, he inspired the students to improve upon the talents they had within.


The 2004 animated film, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie was dedicated to Jules Engel

Animation Department (36 titles)
1960 Popeye the, Sailor (TV series) (background artist - 60 episodes, 1960) (color artist - I episode, 1960)
-Ballet de Spinac (1960)
-Barbecue for Two (1960)
- Battery Up (1960)
- Bird Watcher Popeye (1960)
- Blinkin Beacon (1960)
See all 61 el2isodes )
1959 1001 Arabian Nights (color designer)
1959 Terror Faces Magoo, (short) (color artist)
1959 Picnics Arr, FUn and Dino's Serenade (short) (color artist)
1959 Bwana Magoo (short) (color artist)
1958 Scoutmaster Magoo (short) (color artist)
1958 Sailing and Village Band (short) (color artist)
1957 Magoo's Moose Hunt (short) (color artist)
1957 Magog's Masquerade (short) (color artist)
1956 The Jaywalker (short) (color artist)
1956 Magoo Goes West (short) (color artist)
1956 Gerald MeBoing! Boing! on Planet Moo, (short) (color artist)
1955 The Rise of Duton Lang (short) (color artist)
1955 Stage Door Magoo (short) (color artist)
1955 Christopher Crumpet's Playmate (short) (color artist)
1954 How Now Boing Boing (short) (color artist)
1954 Fudget's Budget (short) (color artist)
1954 Ballet-Oop (short) (color artist)
1953 Gerald McBoing-Boing's Symphony (short) (color artist)
1953 Christopher Crumpet (short) (color artist)
1953 Little Boy with a Big Horn (short) (color artist)
1952 Madeline (short) (color artist)
1952 Sloppy Jalopy (short) (color artist)
1952 The Oompahs (short) (color artist)
1952 Man Alive! (documentary short) (color artist)
1951 Georgie and the Dragon (short) (color artist)
1951 Barefaced Flatfoot (short) (color artist)
1951 Gerald McBoing-Boing (short) (color artist)
1950 Bungled Bungalow (short) (color artist)
1950 The Popcorn Story (short) (color artist)
1950 Trouble Indemnity (short) (color artist)
1950 Giddyap (short) (color artist)
1950 The Miner's Daughter (short) (color artist)
1950 Spellbound Hound (short) (color artist)
1950 Punchy de Leon (short) (color artist)
1949 Ragtime Bear (short) (color artist)

^ Producer (6 titles)
1988 Gallery 3 (short) (producer)
1978 Mobiles (short) (producer)
1976 Rumble (short) (producer)
1966 The Long Ranger (TV series) (associate producer)
1962 Icarus Montgolfier Wright (short) (producer)
1961 The Alvin Show (TV series) (producer)

^ Art Department (5 titles)
2004 The Pumpkin of Nyefar (short) (production design consultant)
1959 The Millionaire (TV series) (paintings - I episode)
Millionaire Jackson Greene (1959)
1949 The Magic Fluke (short) (designer)
1948 Robin Hoodlum (short) (designer)
1942 Bambi (atmosphere sketches - uncredited)

Director (4 titles)
1,988 Gallery (short)
1978 Mobiles (short)
1976 Rumble (short)
1965 The Ivory Knife: Paul Jenkins at Work

^ Editor (3 titles)
1988 Gallery 3 (short)
1986 Times Square (short)
1978 Mobiles (short)

Miscellaneous Crew (I title)
2002 Meatclown (short) (faculty advisor) Cinematographer (I title)
1986 Times Square (short)
I Production Designer (I title)
1971 Shinbone Alley
IV Art Director (I title)
1961 The Alvin Show (TV series)

Soundtrack (I title)
1940 Fantasia
^ Thanks (2 titles)
2002 Boobie Girl (short) (big fat faculty thanks) 2001 Paper Clips (short) (special thanks)
^ Self (I title)
1993 Abstract Cinema (TV documentary) Himself
French La Belle Qualite Award 1962
Prix Jean Vigo Award 1965
Annie Award: Winsor McCay Award 1995
Received title of Institute Fellow at Cal Arts 2001

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