Kevin Frank (Animator)


Layout artist/ Character Designer/ animation posing artist/ Model Designer/ storyboard artist/ Storyboard Revisionist

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also goes by Nevin Frank

1972 Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids (TV Series) (Layout Artist)
1980 The Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Adventure Hour (TV Series) (Layout Artist)
1980 The Kid Super Power Hour With Shazam! (TV Series) (Layout Artist)
1981 Black Star
(TV Series) (Character Designer-13 episodes)
1983- He-Man and the Masters od the Universe
1985 (TV Series) (Layout Artist-130 episodes)
1985 The Secret of the Sword (Layout Artist)
1985 He-Man and She Ra: A Christmas Special (TV Movie) (layout artist) 1895
1986 Ghostbusters (TV Series)
(Layout artist- 65 episodes)
1985- She-Ra: Princess of Power
1987 (TV series) (Layout artist- 93 episodes)
19887- BraveStarr
1988 (TV Series) (Layout Artist -65 episodes)
1988 BraveStarr: The Legend (Layout Artist)
1991 Tiny Toon Adventures
(TV Series) (Character Layout Artist- 6 Episodes)
1991- Taz-Mania
1995 (TV Series) (Character Layout Artist-15 episodes)
1992 Tiny Toon Adventures: How I spend My Vacation
(Video) (Background layout artist)/(Character Designer)/(character layout and posing artist)
1993- Animaniacs
1994 (TV Series) (character Layout artist- 18)
1993 Animaniacs (TV Series) (Model designer-1 episode)
1993- Animaniacs
1997 (TV Series) (Storyboard Artist- 5 episodes)
1995- The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries
2000 (TV Series) (Storyboard Artist- 4 episodes)
1996 Pinky and the Brain
(TV Series) (Storyboard artist- 2 Episodes)
2000 The Mansion Cat
(TV Short) (Character Animation Layouts)
2000 Tweetys High Flying Adventure
(Video) (Storyboard Artist)
2002 Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring
(Video) (Storyboard Artist)
2006 Tom and Jerry Tales
(TV Series) (Storyboard Artist-4 Episodes)
2012 Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot
(TV Series) (Storyboard Artist- 6 episodes)
2014 The 7D
(TV Series) (Storyboard Revisionist- 1 Episode)


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