*Koji Morihiro*

Birth: Unknown
Death: Still alive

Digital Artist, Animator, Character Technical Director, Technical Animation Supervisor, Sr. Technical Director.

Bio Summary:

Early Life/Family:

He received his BFA in Graphic Designs in 1993 at Tama Art University.

Career Outline: Koji Morihiro worked at Sony Pictures Imageworks from 1998 to 2002 as a “Sr. Technical Director”.
He then worked for Mill Film from 2002 to March of 2003 for the same position.
Finally he went to work for DreamWorks Animation as “Lead Character TD” from April of 2003 to May of 2005.
In June of 2005, he decided to go back to Sony Pictures Imageworks and became the “Technical Animation Supervisor” from 2005 to July of 2009.
He is currently working for DreamWorks Animation as a “Character Technical Director” since 2009.

Comments On Style:
All of the movies that he had done in the past were some of my favorites. He did Spider-Man and Spider-Man 3 which happen to my favorite movies. I saw the movies and the special effects were really good. I think If I had the chance to interview Mr. Morihiro, I would’ve learned a lot from him. The movie “Watch-Men” was really good too and it had a lot of good special effects. I really enjoy the movies that Koji Morihiro had worked with. It’s just too bad that he was busy with his work to have an interview with me.





• 1999 “Stuart Little” (Digital Artist)
• 2000 “Hollow Man” (Digital Artist)
• 2002 “Spider-Man” (Digital Artist)
• 2002 “ The Chubbchubbs!” (Character setup up and support)
• 2006 “Over The Henge” (Digital Artist)
• 2006 “Monster House” (Digital Artist)
• 2007 “Spider-Man 3” (Animator)
• 2007 “Beowulf” (Animator)
• 2008 “Body Of Lies” (Animator - uncredited)
• 2008 “Valkyrie” ( Character Animator)
• 2009 “Watchmen” (Animator)
• 2009 “G-Force Hotel” (Animator)
• 2009 “2012” (Lead Animator)

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