Margot Hale


Line Producer, Animation Checker, Checker, Storyboard Coordinator, Model Cleanup, Painter, Art Assistant, Ink and Paint Artist, Assistant Animator, Rotoscope Artist.

*Bio Summary*

*Early Life/Family*
According to Margot Hale, " My father is Jeff Hale (Sesame Street and Thank You, Masked Man) and my mother, Margaret Hale, ran several ink and paint studios in the San Francisco area during the 70,s and 80's."

College of Marin 1978-1981

*Career Outline:*
Began work in the animation since she was 14 years old. Has moved from studio to studio from the late 80s to the early 90s mainly working as an animation checker, line producer, and infrequently as a rotoscope artist.

*Comments On Style:*

Parental influence of the arts. Exposed to art throughout childhood.




*Filmography: *
1988 "Willow" (Rotoscoper: ILM)
1988 "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" (Ink and Paint Artist)
1991 "Liquid Television" (Crew - segment "Invisible Hands") (Art Production Supervisor) (Composer)
1991 "The Wish The Changed Christmas" (Art Assistant)
1993 "The Nightmare Before Christmas" (Character Fabricator)
1993 "Rocko's Modern Life" (Assistant Animator)
1993 "The Meteor Man" (Rotoscope Artist)
1996 "Rocko's Modern Life" (Painter)
2000 "Baby Blues" (Model Clean-up)
2000-2003 "As Told by Ginger" (Checker)
2000-2004 "The Wild Thornberrys" (Checker)
2001 "The Wild Thornberrys: The Origin of Donnie" (Checker)
2002 "Baby Blues" (Model Clean-up)
2003 "Field Trip" (Composer)
2004 "Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui" (Storyboard Coordinator)
2004-2005 "The Cramp Twins" (Animation Checker)
2005 "Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows" (Line Producer)
2007 "Roxy Hunter and the Mystery of the Moody Ghost" (Animation Line Producer)
2008 "Roxy Hunter and the Secret of the Shaman" (Animation Line Producer)
2008 "Smallville Legends: Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton" (Line Producer)
2009 "India Explains Solar Power to Rudy" (Composer)


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