Michael Feder or aka Michael D. Feder or Michael David Feder *Birth:* August 13, 1971 in Scarsdale, New York, USA

Production Assistant, Assistant Location Manager, Digital Effect Coordinator, Digital Effect Producer, Lightning Production Supervisor, Visual Effects Executive Producer, Executive Producer

*Bio Summary:*
Michael Feder or also known as Michael David Feder was born on August 13, 1971 at Scarsdale in New York. He started out his career in live action production films. His occupations began as Production Assistant and to Digital Effect Producer and Executive Producer. He worked at numerous of studios such as such as Jersey Films, Turner Pictures. Feder worked at Blue Sky Studio, a division of 20th Century Fox in 2000, joined Hornet, Inc in 2001, and became the Executive Producer.

Now Feder still represent as Executive Producer for Hornet, Inc. The company is famous for the mixed media Production Company for artists, directors, and producers. The short videos and or films consist of short films, commercials, music videos, etc. Currently from the Hornet website, the Hornet Film section is still under construction, but it is a TV and feature film division. Fall of 2012, Hornet and Blinkink from United Kingdom, joined alliances together in vision to create a worldwide of creative animation production in mixed media.

Out of all his filmography since 1991 to 2012, there were two movies that he received no credit and was input later. In *The Bodyguard* (1992) he received no credit as Production Assistant. In *Ice Age* (2002) he worked as Lightning Production Supervisor, which was given credit to, but the Technical Director was not given credit until later.

*Early Life/Family*:
Feder lives in New York City's Lower East Side with his two cats, Wolf and Jezebel in 2008. –From Cencom.org


*Career Outline: *
Live action production film

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Star Sign: Leo

· 1991 *Cape Fear *(Production Assistant)
· 1992 *Folks!* (Production Assistant)
· 1992 *Traces of Red *(Production Assistant)
· 1992 *The Bodyguard* (Production Assistant, uncredited)
· 1993 *Mad Dog and Glory* (Production Assistant – Michael David Feder)
· 1993 *Only the Strong* (Production assistant)
· 1994 *The War* (Production Assistant – Michael David Feder)
· 1996 *I’m Not Rappaport* (Assistant Location Manager)
· 1997* Mousehunt (*Digital Effects Coordinator)
· 1998 *Lulu on the Bridge* (Digital Effects Coordinator)
· 1999 *Just the Ticket* (Digital Effects Coordinator)
· 1999 *Pushing Tin* (Software Programming & Support)
· 1999 *Jesus’s Son* (Digital Effects Producer, Blue Sky Studio)
· 2000 *The Sopranos* (TV Series – 1 episode) (Digital Effects Producer, Blue Sky Studio)
· 2000 *Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon* (Visual Effects Executive Producer, Blue Sky Studio)
· 2000 *Saturday Night Live* (TV Series – 1 episode) (Producer)
· 2000 *Saturday Night Live: The Best of Saturday TVFunhouse*(Video, Producer)
· 2002 *Ice Age* (Technical Director, uncredited) (Lighting Production Supervisor)
· 2006 *Here Come the Waves: The Hazards of Love Visualize *(Executive Producer)
· 2009 *Goat and Aaron* (Video Short) (Executive Producer)
· 2009 *Youth in Revolve* (Animation Executive Producer, Hornet)
· 2012 *Rocket Monkey* (TV Series) (Executive Producer)


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