Michael Wick


Mold Maker, Puppeteer, Fabricator, Sculpture, and Special Effects Artist, Set Dresser: Miniatures, Animatronics Technician

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Mike Wick is a puppet builder and puppeteer. He has worked for Jim Henson Production, Industrial light and magic, Skellington Productions, Images In Motion, and many more, Credits include of “Starwars” “The Muppets Christmas Carol” “Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas” “Leap Frog Toys ‘Little Leaps” and many more. Puppeteer credits include work with images in Motion, “Little Leaps” for Leapfrog Toys and the “Rockmals 60’s show” for Starworks Production. Mike has a Bachelor in Art.

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· 1992 “Muppet Christmas Carol” (Puppet Fabricator) – Credited
· 1989 “The Dead Pit” (Special Makeup Effects Artist: Sculptor, Mold Maker, Fabricator) – Credited
· 1989 “Ghostbusters 2” (Set Dresser: Miniatures, ILM) – Uncredited
· 1993 “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (Character Fabricator) - Credited
· 1990 “Arachnophobia” (Creative Fabricator)
· 1991 “Naked Lunch” (Animatronics Technician)
· 1995 “Virtuosity” (Creature Fabricator) – Uncredited
· 1995 “Jade” (Special Effects Crew) – Uncredited
· 1999 “The Mummy” (Creature Fabricator: ICM) – Uncredited
· 1989 “Ghostbusters 2” (Set Dresser: Miniature, ILM) – Uncredited
· 1997 “Flubber” (Set Dresser: Miniature, ILM) – Uncredited
· 1999 “Star Wars 1 Phantom Menace” (Model Maker: ILM) – Uncredited
· 2001 “Monkey Bone” (Model Maker: ILM)
· 2001 “A.I. Artificial Intelligence” (Model Maker: ILM)
· 2001 “Jurassic Park 3” (Set Dresser: Miniature, ILM) – Uncredited
· 2001 “Planet of the Apes” (Model Maker: ILM) – Uncredited
· 2002 “Star Wars: Episode 2 – Attack of the Clones” (Model Maker: ILM) – Uncredited


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