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1992 Guardians of the ‘Hood (Video Game) (lead animator)
1992 Moto Frenzy (Video Game) (lead animator)
1991 Steel Talon (Video Game) (animator - as Knuckles)
1990 Pit-Fighter (Video Game) (lead animator)
1990 Hydra (Video Game) (animator)
1988 Who Framed Rogger Rabbit (animator)
1987 *batteries not included (animator)
1986 The Bluffer (Tv Series) (Layout artist 1984-1986)
1984 Seabert (TV Series) (layout artist - 1984-1986)
1983 Sound of Sunshine- Sound of Rain Short) (animator)
1982 Mighty Mouse in the Great Space Chase (animator - as Nicholas Stern)
1982 The Plague Dog (senior assistant animator - as Nicolas Stern)
1982 The Fat Albert Easter Special (TV Short) (animator)
1980 A Snow White Christmas (TV Movie) (animator)
1979-1980 Sport Billy (TV Series) (animator - 26 episodes)
1979-1980 Flash Gordon (TV Series) (animator - 16 episodes)
1979 The New Adventures of Might Mouse and Heckle and Jeckle (TV Series)
1972 Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids (TV Series) (animator - as Nicholas Stern, 1979)
1988 Willow (animator: ILM)
1986 The Golden Child (animator: ILM)
1986 Howard The Duck (visual effects animator: ILM visual effects unit)
1991 Rampart (Video Game) (artistic support)
1984 Heathcliff & the Catillac Cats (TV Series) (storyboard artist - 1984)


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