Norm Blackburn

*Birth: April 28, 1903
Death*: February 21, 1990

Producer, Animator, Writer

*Bio Summary:*
* *Norman ‘Norm’ Blackburn was born on April 28, 1903 in England, United Kingdom. He began his career with Walt Disney as an animator. Blackburn left the Disney studios to follow Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising as they began the Warner Bros. cartoon studio He later went to New York to join NBC as one of the first National Program Directors. He redesigned the Howdy Doody puppet in *The Howdy Doody Show*, which he asked some of his old Disney friends to refine it. He moved back to Hollywood and joined the J. Walter Thompson ad agency. Blackburn was the talent buyer for many radio shows such as *The Lux Radio Playhouse* and *The Elgin Watch Shower of Stars *. He created and produced one of the first golf shows on television, *Celebrity Golf*. He was a member of the Lakeside Golf Club in Burbank, California for many years and eventually was made into an honorary member. Throughout his career, he was responsible for producing four television series and animating twenty-four cartoon shorts. Blackburn was eighty-six years old when he died in North Hollywood on February 21, 1990.

*Early Life/Family*:
He has a son named Norman A. Blackburn.


*Career Outline*:
At the age of twenty-three, Norm Blackburn started his career in with Walt Disney as an assistant animator on February 5, 1927. In that same month, Blackburn was one of the three animators hired in the Disney Studios along with Les Clark and Ben Clopton. From 1929 to 1937, Blackburn worked at Hugh Harman-Rudolf Ising Production that would later be known as Warner Bros. Additionally, he worked for Ub Iwerks at his studio for a brief period during 1933 to 1935. He later became a newspaper cartoonist and a writer. By the 1940s, Blackburn was an executive at the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency in Hollywood. He later became a program director at NBC and created television series such as *You Bet Your Life*, *The Dinah Shore Show*, and *Celebrity Golf*. In 1975, Blackburn wrote the limited edition 50-year anniversary book for the Lakeside Golf Club that he was eventually made an honorary member of that club.

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* *In 1957, he produced a pilot for ABC about the adventures of a boy traveling on a sailing ship entitled, “Cabin Boy,” but the series was never developed beyond the pilot stage.

Celebrity Golf (TV series, executive producer) 1960
Circus Boy (TV series, producer – 40 episodes) 1956-1957
The Dinah Shore Show 1951
Circus Boy (executive producer)
You Bet Your Life 1947

The Good Scout 1934
Rasslin’ Round1934
Play Ball (uncredited) 1933
Shuffle Off to Buffalo (uncredited) 1933
Beau Bosko 1933
The Shanty Where Santy Claus Lives 1933
Ride Him, Bosko! 1932
Bosko’s Dog Race 1932
Pagan Moon 1932
Bosko’s Fox Hunt 1931
You Don’t Know What You’re Doin’! 1931
Lady, Play Your Mandolin! 1931
Yodeling Yokels 1931
Ain’t Nature Grand! 1931
Hold Anything 1930
All Wet 1927
Trolley Troubles 1927
Alice in the Big League 1927
Alice the Beach Nut 1927
Alice the Whaler 1927
Alice’s Medicine Show 1927
Alice in the Klondike 1927
Alice’s Channel Swim 1927
Alice’s Picnic 1927
Alice’s Three Bad Eggs 1927

Zenobia (treatment – uncredited) 1939

1988 Golden Award

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