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Production Designer, Art Director

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“I would describe Paul's style as painterly: he draws like a painter. He doesn't overly render his sketch or drawing but rather he uses the side of the pencil to sketch soft broad strokes and rubs the graphite over to create a soft valued overtone where he can then darken or erase to create tonal masses which help underscore the focal point of his piece. His painting style is loose but so confident and lyrical.” - John Nevarez

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“Paul's one of the nicest guys in the industry. He's always been generous with his time and advice.” - John Nevarez

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Alternate Names: ‘Fingers’ Felix, Paul Felix, P. Fingers

*Filmography: *
1988 ALF Tales (storyboard clean-up)
1988 – 1989 A.L.F (storyboard clean-up – 13 episodes)
1989 Ring Riders (character designer – 1 episode; storyboard clean-up)
1989 The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! (background designer – 65 episodes)
1989 Captain N: The Game Master (background designer – 13 episodes)
1989 Little Golden Book Land (character designer; storyboard clean-up)
1990 – 1991 Talespin (key layout designer – 7 episodes)
1991 Swamp Thing (background designer – 1 episode)
1991 Darkwing Duck (key layout designer 14 episodes; character designer 1 episode)
1992 Goof Troop (key layout designer – 2 episodes)
1992 Raw Toonage (key layout designer – 2 episodes)
1993 Bonkers (key layout designer – 7 episodes)
1994 The Return of Jafar (key layout designer)
1993 – 1994 The Little Mermaid (key layout designer – 3 episodes)
1994 Gargoyles (development inspirational designs – 1 episode)
1994 – 1995 Aladdin (key layout designer – 22 episodes; character designer – 1 episode)
1995 A Goofy Movie (layout keys)
1996 Aladdin and the King of Thieves (key layout designer)
1998 Mulan (character designer; visual development)
1999 Tarzan (principal location designer)
2000 The Emperor’s New Groove (production designer)
2002 Lilo & Stitch (production designer)
2003 Brother Bear (visual development)
2008 Bolt (art director)
2009 Super Rhino (art director)
2009 The Princess and the Frog (additional production support)
2011 Winnie the Pooh (art director)
2012 The Bunglers (character designer; storyboard artist)
2014 Big Hero 6 (production designer; department leadership: Walt Disney Animation Studios)

*Honors: *
2009 (nominated) Best Production Design in an Animated Feature Production – “Bolt”
2012 (nominated) Annie Award: Production Design in a Feature Production – “Winnie the Pooh"

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