Paul Steele


Animation Professional, Assistant Production Manager, Final Checker, Check Supervisor, Scene Planner, Visual Effects, Layout/Background

Bio Summary
Lived and worked in Ottawa, Canada in the early and mid 1980s. Worked in
England on a TV short released in 1989. Lived and worked in Florida
starting in the early 1990s. Currently in the Orlando, Florida area.

Early Life/Family


Career Outline:
Started working on animation in the mid-1980s at Atkinson Film Arts as an
animation checker. He moved to Disney Feature Animation to work on Who
Framed Roger Rabbit, released in 1988, still working as an animation
checker. He then worked for TVC London as an animation checker for a TV
short released in 1989. After that he continued working for Disney Feature
Animation, as an animation checker and a writer for shorts, and as a
production assistant, assistant production manager, additional production
supporter, and scene planner for features.

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Mr. Steele was in a rockabilly band called “The Howlin C’s” in Ottawa,
Canada, from 1981 to 1983. He then played solo country gigs under the name
“Lucky Jim” for a few years after that.

· The Raccoons- Final Checker, 7 episodes; 1985
The Runaways!
The Intruders!
The Evergreen Grand Prix
Surprise Attack
Going it Alone!
Buried Treasure!
A Night to Remember
· The Body Electric- Final Checker; 1985
· The Velveteen Rabbit- Xerographer; 1985
· For Better or for Worse: The Bestest Present- Final Checker; 1985
· Rumpelstiltskin- Checking; 1985
· Who Framed Roger Rabbit- Animation Check Supervisor; 1988
· Granpa- Animation Checker; 1989
· Roller Coaster Rabbit- Animation Checker; 1990
· The Rescuers Down Under- Production Assistant (Florida)
· The Prince and the Pauper- Final Checker; 1990
· Beauty and the Beast- Assistant Production Manager (Florida); 1991
· Off His Rockers- Writer (Story Development); 1992
· Aladdin- Assistant Production Manager (Florida); 1992
· Trail Mix-Up- Assistant Production Manager; 1994
· The Lion Kind- Assistant Production Manager, Layout/Background (Florida); 1994
· Pochahontas- Assistant Production Manager, Layout/Background (Florida); 1995
· The Hunchback of Notre Dame- Additional Production Support; 1996
· Mulan- Scene Planner; 1998
· Lilo & Stitch- Scene Planner; 2002
· Brother Bear- Scene Planner; 2003
· Friday the 13th- Visual Effects; 2009
· The Princess and the Frog- Visual effects; 2009


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