*Animator:* Pete (Peter) Dodd


*Occupation/Title*: Director/Writer/Animator

*Bio Summary:*

*Early Life/Family:* Erick Leos says: "*I think he was born in Denmark to Danish parents. Moved to England at a young age."*

*Education/Training:* Manchester Metropolitan Universtiy, BA (hons) in Design & Art Direction, 1995 - 1998. Erick Leos says: "*I think he studied traditional animation in University, with a focus in stop-motion. He has work on 2D, stop motion and 3D. Most recently more 3D."*

*Career Outline:* Pete seems to have started out as an animator, then advanced to becoming a Key, Lead, and Senior Animator on several different projects. He then began directing and writing and acting as creative consultant, but going back to animating and acting as Animation Director for 'Frankenweenie' & 'Frankenweenie Toolkit.' According to Erick and LinkedIn, Pete is "*c**urrently directing CG Animated Feature 'Trolls' in Montreal, Canada."*

*Comments On Style*:


Polite and professional and passionate about his art. When I met him it was just after Corpse Bride and he was standing in the church set at the Gentle Giant booth. He handled the animation models with reverence and pure joy, like a well behaved child who has been magically set loose in Santa's toy shop as a reward for good behavior. He couldn't keep his hands off the models but he touched them carefully because they were precious mechanical miracles. -Larry Loc


*Miscellaneous:* Looking at his filmography and experience, Pete seems to travel a lot and is an international sort of person, at least bilingual. Erick Leos says: "*I worked with Pete in Beijing, China. That surely was a unique experience, and very different to anything he'd worked on before. Living in China is a big change for any westerner. Customs, language, food, work schedules, etc... There were only 3 westerners working on the film in China. Pete, a Sr. Producer and myself. Very few members of the production staff spoke English. Conveying his opinions with the team was a challenge as he had to rely on help from translators, visual representations on the computer or hand & facial gestures. After being in China for 8 months I'm sure he was a bit home sick and eager to return to London."*

*Filmography: *
TROLL (Sagatoon Quebec/Timeless Films; Director)
TO HELL WITH PHILIP (working title; Nimbus Film; Director)
"Frankenweenie Toolkit" (Burning Windmills Pictures/Disney; Animation Director & Animator)
"Frankenweenie" (Burning Windmills Pictures/Disney; Animator)
Lego Ninjago bridging content (Wilfilm; Director)
The Devil's Apprentice (Nimbus Films; Story Development)
"Orla Frosnapper (Freddy Frogface)" (Wilfilm/Crone Film; Director/Writer)
"Fantastic Mr. Fox" (Key Animator)
Disney's Flynn - pilot (Disney; Director)
"The Tale of Despereaux" (Framestore CFC; Warner Bros. Productions Ltd.; Senior Animator; Key Animator)
"Corpse Bride" (Warner Bros. Productions Ltd.; Key Animator)
Dreammakers (Original Series Concept; Creator)
"The Tale of Sir Richard" (Stop Motion Short; Director/Writer/Designer/Animator)
Gummy Bear Song (Music Video/Ringtone; Director/Designer/Animator)

'Freddy Frogface' was nominated at the 2012 Robert Festival for Best Children/Family Film; along with Director Gert Fredholm and producers Nina Crone & Erik Wilstrup.

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